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Visus: Knowledge Management AI

Visus AI - train your own AI


Visus is a platform designed to transform the way individuals and businesses interact with their accumulated knowledge. As a versatile knowledge management tool, Visus provides instant answers to queries by comprehensively understanding and analyzing uploaded documents. By converting stored documents into a conversational knowledge base, Visus offers a streamlined solution for information retrieval.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant Answers: Ask a question and receive immediate responses based on your documents.
  • Natural Language Understanding: Communicates in an intuitive, conversational manner.
  • Limitless Document Storage: No cap on the amount of knowledge you can store.
  • Verified, Accurate Responses: Tailored answers sourced from your specific training material.
  • Customization: Personalize your AI’s sensitivity and accuracy settings.
  • Security: Industry-standard AES 256 encryption to protect your data.

The benefits of Visus include heightened efficiency in accessing stored information, enhanced data security, and improved productivity through its customizable AI.


We did a quick test with the AI and it turns out you can chat with Visus AI even if you haven’t uploaded any documents. It takes a few seconds for the AI to start responding but that’s OK. At first, the AI was quick to respond and even claimed to have web access. Immediately after that, it failed to respond to a prompt as you can see on the screenshots below.

So once we got a confirmation that ChatGPT is powering Visus…
Visus AI confirming that it's based on ChatGPT but not replying to next prompts
Visus AI denying that it's based on ChatGPT...
But later it denied ChatGPT had anything to do with it…

In any case, we are confident that this will be polished in the near future.

Visus AI API options with OpenAI present
We figure it is powered at least partially by ChatGPT. This was confirmed by the presence of an OpenAI API option in one of the subscription plans.


Visus AI offers a tiered pricing model:

Free: This includes 1 AI instance, 1,500 messages per month, unlimited folders & files, and one member, ALL AT ZERO COST.

Standard: Priced at $20/month per member, this plan offers unlimited AI instances, messages, folders & files, and accommodates up to 10 members.

Business: At $50/month per member, you get everything in the Standard package plus roles and permissions, public AI instances, and up to 100 members.

Enterprise: For custom fine-tuning, SAML/Single sign-on, and SOC 2 compliance, the Enterprise plan is available on contacting sales.

Real-world Applications

Visus serves a broad spectrum of industries, from legal firms seeking quick reference to case files to healthcare providers managing patient records. It’s also beneficial for academic institutions archiving research, financial services consolidating reports, and IT departments synthesizing technical documentation. By centralizing knowledge, Visus enables faster decision-making and innovation across various sectors.


Visus may not be optimized for extremely niche or technical queries outside the scope of uploaded documents. Additionally, the platform’s performance is contingent on the quality and comprehensiveness of the training material provided by users.


Potential user concerns may include the learning curve associated with training the AI, the implications of data privacy, and the need for continuous updating to maintain accuracy. Usability and compatibility with existing workflows are also common considerations.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Visus may include advanced machine learning algorithms to refine its understanding capabilities, broader language support, and more robust integration options. The pursuit of SOC 2 compliance suggests a strong ongoing commitment to security.

How to Use Visus

  1. Upload and Organize: Import documents to Visus with ease.
  2. Customize AI: Set your AI parameters for personalized use.
  3. Query: Input your questions and receive instant answers.

Best Practices for Visus

  • Regularly update your document repository for accuracy.
  • Customize the AI’s sensitivity for your specific industry’s jargon.
  • Utilize the integration features to maximize productivity.

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