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Verbalate: AI Voice Cloning & Dubbing


Verbalate is a software designed to translate and dub video content into multiple languages. It features voice cloning and optional lip-sync to help creators and businesses reach a global audience. This tool is ideal for expanding video content production and engaging viewers worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • Voice Cloning: Create an AI voice clone with just a minute of audio in 29 languages and over 50 accents.
  • Lip Sync (Optional): Align audio tracks with on-screen lip movements for a realistic viewing experience.
  • Audio & Video Translation: Supports translating both audio and video formats to cater to diverse audience needs.
  • Phonetic Pronunciation: Ensures accurate pronunciation in multiple languages for a natural sound.
  • Background Sound Preservation & Removal: Option to keep or remove background noise to maintain original impact or enhance speech clarity.
  • SRT File Creation & Upload: Utilize advanced AI translation for SRT files, allowing for editing and correction of translations.
  • Multilingual Avatar Twins: Create digital twins with voice cloning in various languages.
  • Back Translation: Checks translation accuracy by translating content back into the original language.

Verbalate Platforms

  • Web app

Verbalate Tasks

  • Translate video and audio content into multiple languages
  • Clone voices in 29 languages with over 50 accents
  • Sync dubbed audio with lip movements in videos
  • Remove or preserve background sounds in translations
  • Create and upload SRT files for precise translations
  • Generate digital clones for multilingual presentations

Verbalate Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine an e-learning platform that offers courses in multiple languages without the need for subtitles, where the instructor’s voice matches the lip movements perfectly. Or a creator who can instantly connect with fans around the globe in their native languages, making content truly universal. Think of product marketing videos that resonate with every viewer, regardless of their language, enhancing brand trust and understanding.

And for a touch of humor, consider using Verbalate to create a multilingual avatar of your pet, sharing wisdom in dozens of languages. Your furry friend could become the next global influencer!

Who is Verbalate for

  • Educators and online course creators
  • Content creators and influencers
  • YouTubers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Businesses looking to globalize their video content

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice/monthTranslation MinutesAdditional MinutesFeatures
Translator$910$1Translation, Voice Clone, Lip Sync, Multi-language tracks/videos, Multilingual Avatars
Creator$4960$0.85Includes everything in Translator, plus more minutes and Digital Clones

Verbalate Free version

Not available


  • Limited minutes of translation in basic plans.
  • Additional minutes incur extra charges.


  • Accuracy of translation and voice cloning across all languages.
  • User interface ease-of-use.
  • Compatibility with various video formats.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding language support beyond the current offerings.
  • Enhanced voice cloning techniques for even more accurate voice matches.
  • Improved AI for even smoother lip-sync capabilities in a wider range of video content.

Explore the possibilities of reaching a global audience with Verbalate and see how your content can transcend language barriers.

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