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Veras: AI-Powered Visualization for Design Software

Veras AI architectural visualization


Veras® is an AI-driven visualization application compatible with SketchUp®, Revit®, Rhinoceros®, and web platforms. It stands out as a creative tool for architects, designers, and 3D modeling enthusiasts, offering an innovative approach to design and rendering. Veras leverages AI technology to enhance the design process, providing users with a unique substrate for creativity and inspiration.

Features & Benefits

Veras offers a suite of features designed to enhance the design and visualization process:

  • Geometry Override Slider: This tool allows users to alter their project’s geometry, offering a spectrum from precise adherence to creative ideation.
  • Render Selection: A feature enabling users to focus on and modify specific portions of their design, ideal for detailed customization.
  • Render Same Seed: With this, users can revisit and iterate on designs using the same initial parameters, ensuring consistency while exploring new ideas.
  • Web App with Image-to-Image Feature: Veras’ web version allows users to upload images and sketches, accessing the application’s full range of functions without needing extensive software or installations.

Benefits of these features include:

  • Enhanced flexibility and control in design processes.
  • Ability to experiment with and refine specific elements of a project.
  • Convenient access and usability through web-based application.
  • Time-saving features for rapid design iteration and modification.

Veras Tasks

  • Precise geometry manipulation for architectural and design projects.
  • Specific area rendering for detailed customization.
  • Consistent design iteration with the ‘Render from Same Seed’ function.
  • Web-based image transformation and design experimentation.

Veras Integrations

  • Integration with SketchUp® (2021-2023), Autodesk Revit® (2019-2024), Rhinoceros® (7 & 8), and Autodesk Forma® (Web).

Real-world applications

Veras is particularly beneficial for professionals in architecture, interior design, and visualization arts. Its advanced features enhance the creative process, from initial design ideation to detailed rendering and customization, making it a versatile tool in these fields.

Who is Veras for

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • 3D Modeling Enthusiasts
  • Visualization Artists

Pricing & Discount

Veras offers the following pricing plan:

Plan TypePrice
License$49/month or $408/year

Enterprise and Educational pricing plans will be available soon.

Veras Free version

Not available


  • May require a learning curve for those unfamiliar with 3D modeling software.
  • Limited to integration with specific software versions.
  • Free version or trial option not currently available.


Potential concerns with Veras could include:

  • Compatibility with different hardware and system requirements.
  • Dependence on internet connectivity for the web version.
  • Data privacy and security for projects designed and shared on the platform.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Veras may involve:

  • Expansion of software compatibility.
  • Introduction of a mobile app version for on-the-go design.
  • Development of more AI-driven tools for enhanced design automation.

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