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Unreal Speech: Affordable Text-to-Speech Solution

Unreal Speech TTS platform


Unreal Speech is a Text-to-Speech (TTS) platform designed for affordability and efficiency. It’s a web-based service that converts text into natural-sounding speech, targeting users who need high-volume audio generation with low latency and high uptime. The platform is particularly noted for its cost-effective pricing structure, aimed at slashing traditional TTS service costs significantly.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Pricing: Offers up to 90% lower costs compared to competitors, making it a budget-friendly choice.
  • Volume Discounts: The more characters you use, the cheaper the rate, encouraging bulk usage.
  • Low Latency & High Uptime: Delivers audio with a latency of just 0.3 seconds and guarantees 99.9% uptime.
  • Per-Word Timestamps: Syncs speech with highlighted words, enhancing user engagement and accessibility.
  • Fast Text-to-Speech API: Allows for real-time app development and quick generation of long-form audio.
  • Unreal Speech Studio: Enables the creation of studio-quality voiceovers suitable for podcasts, videos, and more.

Unreal Speech Tasks

  • Real-time audio generation
  • Long-form audio creation
  • Studio-quality voiceovers for multimedia

Unreal Speech Integrations

  • API

Real-world Applications

Unreal Speech is beneficial across various industries. It’s ideal for content creators needing voiceovers for videos and podcasts. E-learning platforms can use it to create accessible educational materials. Marketing agencies can employ it for efficient and cost-effective audio ad production. Additionally, developers can integrate its API for real-time voice generation in apps, enhancing user experience in sectors like customer service and interactive entertainment.

Who is Unreal Speech for

  • Content Creators
  • E-learning Professionals
  • Marketing Agencies
  • App Developers
  • Multimedia Producers

Pricing & Discount

The pricing structure of Unreal Speech is tiered based on usage, with a free option available. Volume discounts apply as usage increases.

PlanPriceCharactersAudio Hours
Free$01M (one-time)22 hours
Starter$10/mo500,00011 hours
Basic$49/mo3M67 hours
Plus$499/mo42M933 hours
Pro$1499/mo150M3K hours
Enterprise$4999/mo625M14K hours

Unreal Speech Free version – Available


Unreal Speech currently supports only English-speaking voices, which could be a limitation for multilingual requirements. Additionally, its simplified pricing may not cater to extremely low-volume users who need more flexibility.


Users may have concerns about data privacy and the quality of voice synthesis. The platform’s limited language support might also be a concern for a global user base. However, Unreal Speech is working on expanding its language offerings.

Potential Future Developments

Unreal Speech is likely to expand its language support in the near future, catering to a more diverse global audience. Enhancements in voice synthesis quality and the introduction of more nuanced voice tones and accents could also be expected, based on industry trends and user feedback.

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