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TrueBees: Deepfake Detection Platform

TrueBees deepfake detection for images


TrueBees is a specialized tool designed to combat the spread of deepfakes, particularly AI-generated human portraits, on social media platforms. This deepfake detection platform offers a solution for verifying the authenticity of images, addressing the rising concerns over deepfakes that can lead to misinformation and other serious issues. TrueBees operates by utilizing advanced algorithms and blockchain technology to assess the trustworthiness of images.

Features & Benefits

  • Deepfake Detection: Ability to spot AI-generated human portraits with high accuracy.
  • Blockchain Technology: Utilizes blockchain for secure data storage of analyzed images.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple three-step process involving account creation, payment method setup, and image verification.
  • Targeted Users: Specifically designed for professionals in media, law firms, freelance journalists, and legal advisors.
  • High Accuracy: Forensic analysis algorithms with a reported accuracy of 97.99%.

TrueBees Tasks

  • Detecting fully synthetic AI-generated human portraits.
  • Verifying image authenticity for media and legal use.

TrueBees Integrations

  • API integration for developer use.

Real-world applications

TrueBees is instrumental in various sectors:

  • Media and News Agencies: Aids in fact-checking and ensures the publication of authentic images.
  • Media Outlets: Enhances the credibility of online content by verifying image authenticity.
  • Freelance Journalists: Offers a tool to guarantee the trustworthiness of content sold to media outlets.
  • Law Firms and Legal Advisors: Provides evidence in legal cases regarding the authenticity of images.
  • General Public Awareness: Educates and raises awareness about the prevalence and risks of deepfakes.

Who is TrueBees for

  • Media Professionals
  • Lawyers and Legal Advisors
  • Freelance Journalists
  • News Agencies
  • General Public concerned about deepfakes

Pricing & Discount

TrueBees follows a ‘step-stairs’ pricing approach offering quantity discounts.

Image CountPrice (EUR) per Image/Month
1 to 5 images0.00
6 to 100 images0.10 (~ $ 0.11)
101 to 500 images0.08 (~ $ 0.09)
501 to unlimited0.06 (~ $ 0.07 )

TrueBees Free version – Available

The first five images per month submitted for deepfake detection are free.


  • Limited to detecting fully synthetic images of human faces.
  • Cannot yet detect partially altered images, deepfake video frames, or non-photorealistic images (like art or graphics).
  • May struggle with images processed by social media platforms (though TrueBees is designed to overcome this).


  • Data Privacy: How user data and images are handled.
  • Algorithm Bias: Potential inaccuracies in diverse image sets.
  • Dependence on Technology: Over-reliance on AI for image verification.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion to detect partially altered images and deepfake video frames.
  • Improvements in algorithmic diversity to reduce bias.
  • Enhanced integration with social media platforms for more seamless operation.

Try TrueBees Today

Ensure the authenticity of images and join the fight against deepfakes. Create your TrueBees account and start verifying images with confidence with AI deepfake detection.

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