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True AI: Elevating Online Writing and Moderation

True AI moderation and writing assistant


True AI is a browser extension designed to enhance your online writing experience and content moderation. Compatible with multiple devices, the platform offers features like autonomous content moderation, advanced text editing, and context-aware reply generation. The extension is currently available for Chrome and supports major social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gmail. True is also accessible via Whatsapp.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Reply: True AI generates instant responses in the user’s own tone across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gmail, enabling effortless and meaningful online engagement.
    • Benefits: Simplifies user interactions and maintains personalized tone for a more authentic engagement.
  • AI Hide: This feature filters and hides inappropriate or unwanted comments, such as abuse, spam, hate speech, and scams, across major social media networks.
    • Benefits: Improves the quality of digital spaces by removing disruptive content, while also giving users the option to deactivate the feature at will.
  • Text Editing Assistance: Allows users to select any text and provides AI-based suggestions for quick and effective edits.
    • Benefits: Saves time while improving the quality of written content, fostering clearer communication.
  • Whatsapp access: users can now talk to Avi (artificial verifiable intelligence) via Whatsapp at

Real-world Applications

True AI’s features are broadly applicable in both professional and personal settings. For instance, digital marketers can benefit from the AI Reply function for maintaining active and personalized engagement on social media. Journalists and bloggers could use the text editing assistance to streamline their writing process. Moreover, organizations aiming to maintain a positive digital community will find the AI Hide feature useful for moderating comment sections, thus creating a more inclusive online environment.

Pricing & Discount

Plan NamePricingDescription
FreeFreeFor trying out the platform with limited daily usage.
Founding Member$300
Full access.
Pioneer$29.95/monthFull access.


  • Limited to Chrome browser, which may not be convenient for users of other browsers.
  • The AI-generated replies may not capture the nuance of every conversation, requiring manual editing at times.


  • Data Privacy: As the extension has access to your social media interactions and written content, potential concerns may arise regarding data usage and storage.
  • Usability: The effectiveness of the AI in capturing user tone and context is variable, which could be a concern for users seeking highly accurate responses.
  • Compatibility: Being a Chrome extension, True AI is not available for users of other browsers, limiting its accessibility.

Potential Future Developments

Considering the current trajectory, True AI might expand its compatibility to other browsers. Additionally, given the growing need for AI ethics, a more transparent data usage policy could be introduced. Features such as multilingual support could also be in the pipeline to cater to a global user base.

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