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Trove: Elevating Feedback with Conversational AI Surveys


Trove is redefining feedback collection by offering an AI-powered platform that transforms traditional surveys into engaging conversational experiences. This innovative approach aims to combat survey fatigue by providing an interactive dialogue that respondents find enjoyable. With applications ranging from product and customer experience to employee feedback and market research, Trove is versatile enough to support various industries in gathering deeper insights.

Features & Benefits

  • Engaging Conversational Interface: Creates a more natural and enjoyable experience for respondents, encouraging better participation.
  • Quick Survey Setup: Allows for the creation of conversational surveys in under five minutes, streamlining the feedback collection process.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Analyzes conversations to offer comprehensive summaries, curated snippets, and insightful engagement metrics.
  • Zapier Integration: Connects with over 5,000 apps for automated workflows, enhancing efficiency and data management.
Trove Platforms
  • Web app
Trove Tasks
  • Generate interactive, AI-powered conversational surveys
  • Analyze and summarize survey responses for actionable insights
  • Integrate with other software via Zapier for automated task execution
Trove Integrations
  • Zapier

Real-world Applications

Trove’s engaging survey format is especially useful for sectors aiming to improve engagement, whether it’s through analyzing customer satisfaction, enhancing product experience, or boosting employee morale. Retailers can leverage Trove to better understand consumer preferences and loyalty drivers. HR departments can benefit from richer employee feedback for performance evaluations and onboarding processes. Additionally, its application in gathering nuanced market insights makes it a valuable tool for market researchers and strategists.

Who is Trove for

  • Business owners
  • HR professionals
  • Customer experience teams
  • Product managers
  • Market researchers

Pricing & Discount

Free$0Up to 10 questions per survey, 30 responses/month, basic AI features
Starter$29/monthUp to 25 questions, 200 responses, advanced customization, email support
Pro$69/monthUp to 50 questions, 500 responses, multilingual, email & phone support
Business$299/monthUp to 100 questions, 2000 responses, expedited support
Trove Free version



Trove’s effectiveness might be constrained by the complexity of questions it can handle or the depth of analysis required for certain insights. The free plan’s limitations in questions and responses might also hinder comprehensive feedback collection for larger audiences.


Prospective users might worry about the platform’s ability to interpret open-ended responses accurately. Integrating with existing systems, though facilitated by Zapier, may require some technical setup. Pricing for higher-tier plans might also be a consideration for small businesses or startups.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include advanced natural language processing for better understanding of nuanced feedback, direct integrations with major platforms for streamlined workflows, and more robust analytics features for deeper insight extraction.

Experience the Future of Feedback with Trove

Dive into a new era of feedback collection where engagement and depth of insight come together. Try Trove for a conversational approach to surveys that your respondents will genuinely enjoy.

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