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Tome: An AI-Powered Storytelling Partner

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Tome is an AI-driven platform designed to facilitate and enhance content creation and storytelling. Acting as an AI storytelling partner, it offers tools to generate narratives, convert documents into presentations, create images, and more.


AI-Driven Content Generation

Tome uses artificial intelligence to generate narratives, transforming your ideas into cohesive and engaging stories. This feature allows users to create entire documents or add additional pages quickly, reducing the time spent on drafting content.

Dynamic Content Types

Tome understands that compelling narratives often require more than just text and images. Thus, it provides the ability to incorporate a variety of content types into your story, including prototypes, 3D renderings, videos, and live web content.

Frictionless Creation and Design

The platform streamlines the content creation process with drag-and-drop functionality, responsive pages, and one-click themes. This allows users to focus on their ideas while Tome takes care of the alignment and branding.

Live Interactive Web Content

Tome allows users to embed live content from the web, integrating seamlessly with tools like Figma. This helps you showcase your existing work as a connected part of your story.

Video Narration

With its native video recording feature, Tome enables users to add a personal touch to their stories. You can easily talk through a nuanced point or narrate your narrative, even asynchronously.

Cross-Device Compatibility and Easy Sharing

Tomes can be easily shared via a link and are designed to fit any device, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience for your audience. With the Tome iOS app, you can work seamlessly across devices, capturing ideas or making edits on the go.

Use Cases

Tome is a versatile tool that caters to a wide range of users. Whether you’re leading a company, starting a solo business, or creating something for personal purposes, Tome provides the tools to tell your story compellingly. It can be effectively used for sharing research, creating reports, delivering tutorials and lectures, and more.


Tome offers two pricing tiers:

  • Free: Provides unlimited creation for individuals, limited creation for 2+ people, and 500 AI credits upon sign-up.
  • Pro ($8/mo billed annually or $10 billed monthly): Offers unlimited creation and AI credits for both individuals and workspaces, with added benefits like PDF exports, removal of Tome branding, custom logos, and priority support.

Limitations and Concerns

While Tome’s AI-powered content creation is a strong feature, it may not always generate narratives that meet specific stylistic or tone requirements. Users may need to review and adjust AI-generated content to ensure it aligns with their intended message.

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