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Tokee: YouTube Content Optimization


Tokee is designed to help YouTube creators attract more viewers and increase earnings by improving video titles and thumbnails. It offers AI-powered suggestions for engaging titles, simplifies A/B testing, and provides insights to maximize video performance and revenue.

Features & Benefits

  • Get Instant Viral Titles
    • Attract more viewers with AI-generated titles.
    • Catch the latest trends without extra research.
    • Predict title success with AI analysis.
    • Stay ahead by knowing what works in your category.
  • Effortless A/B Testing
    • Increase viewer engagement with optimized titles and thumbnails.
    • Save time by letting Tokee handle testing.
    • Preview changes in a real YouTube setting before publishing.
  • Simplified Analytics to Maximize Revenue
    • Gain clear insights into video performance.
    • Make informed decisions to increase viewer engagement and earnings.
    • Create content that connects and retains viewers.

Tokee Platforms

  • Web app

Tokee Tasks

  • Generate engaging YouTube titles.
  • A/B testing for YouTube titles and thumbnails.
  • A/B testing for YouTube thumbnails.
  • YouTube analytics to maximize video earnings.
  • Predict YouTube title success.

Tokee Integrations

  • YouTube Studio

Real-world applications

Imagine you’re a new YouTuber, struggling to stand out. With Tokee, you find the perfect title for your video about homemade pizzas, one that promises the secret to the crispiest crust. Views double overnight. You use A/B testing for your thumbnail showing the golden crust versus a stringy cheese pull. The cheese wins, boosting clicks even more.

Or you’re a seasoned creator, feeling stuck. Tokee’s analytics reveal your long tutorials are losing viewers halfway. You split them into shorter, focused segments, and watch engagement soar.

Imagine you’ve embarked on a unique challenge: “Living Like a Medieval Knight for 30 Days”. Tokee helps you craft a series of YouTube video viral titles that capture the essence of your daily adventures, from jousting practice to crafting your own armor. The A/B testing feature reveals that thumbnails featuring your handmade chainmail and wooden sword significantly outperform modern-day attire, drawing in history buffs and curious viewers alike, leading to a knight-worthy increase in subscribers.

Or picture this: You decide to document “The Quest for the City’s Best Hidden Food Gems” on your YouTube channel;. With Tokee, you optimize each video title to intrigue and entice—like “This Underground Bakery Sells the Best Unknown Pastry”. Through A/B testing, you find that thumbnails with a mysterious, partially unwrapped pastry generate more clicks than those with a full reveal. Your series becomes a culinary treasure map for food enthusiasts, leading them on a delicious adventure through the city’s lesser-known eateries.

Who is Tokee for

  • Solo creators
  • YouTubers
  • Marketers
  • Anyone looking to increase their YouTube video performance

Pricing & Discount

Start$151430Thumbnail & Title A/B Testing, Analytics
Grow$2511030Thumbnail & Title A/B Testing, Analytics, Discord Community
Scale$6032030Thumbnail & Title A/B Testing, Analytics, Discord Community, Beta Features

Tokee Free version

Not available


  • Limited number of video optimizations per month depending on the plan.
  • Customization flexibility might depend on AI suggestions.


  • Dependence on AI might not always align with personal or brand tone.
  • Analytics interpretation requires a basic understanding of content strategy.
  • Costs could add up for creators managing multiple channels.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding the AI’s understanding of niche markets for better title suggestions.
  • Integrating more social platforms to optimize content across the web.
  • Offering more granular analytics for specific demographics or viewer behaviors.

Ready to give your YouTube content the boost it needs? Try Tokee and optimize your way to more views and revenue today.

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