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To Teach: AI-Driven Educational Content Creation

Transforming Education Through AI Personalization


To Teach leverages artificial intelligence to enable educators to craft personalized teaching materials and exercises. This platform transforms the way lessons are prepared, offering a variety of subject-specific tools and resources to tailor content that meets the unique interests and needs of students. It’s an innovative solution for educators looking to enhance their teaching strategies with AI-assisted content.

Features & Benefits

  • Subject-Specific Teaching Materials: Access over 500 exercises and worksheets across various subjects, including languages, sciences, humanities, and arts, all customizable to align with lesson plans and learning objectives.
  • Personalized Content Creation: Generate exercises, worksheets, and lesson plans tailored to your students’ needs, leveraging AI to adapt materials based on texts, images, documents, and even online articles.
  • Exercise and Worksheet Generators: Create diverse types of exercises like crossword puzzles, multiple-choice quizzes, gap texts, and more, designed to make learning interactive and engaging.
  • Lesson Planning Assistance: Utilize AI to quickly design lessons that are aligned with the curriculum, incorporating educational materials that cater to different learning styles.
  • Reading and Listening Comprehensions: Develop comprehension worksheets that keep students engaged while improving their language skills, available in multiple formats and levels.
  • Integration Friendly: Materials are H5P ready, ensuring seamless integration with popular LMS and content authoring tools.

To Teach Platforms

  • Web app

To Teach Tasks

  • Generate subject-specific exercises and worksheets
  • Customize teaching materials to align with lesson plans
  • Adapt content based on texts, images, documents, and online resources
  • Create interactive learning exercises such as crosswords, mind maps, and quizzes
  • Simplify texts and adapt vocabulary to students’ language levels
  • Design engaging lesson plans quickly and efficiently

To Teach Integrations

  • H5P for easy integration into LMS and content authoring tools

Real-world Applications

To Teach is invaluable for educators across all levels—from primary to higher education—looking to personalize their teaching methods. It supports language teachers by offering exercises in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, and caters to a wide range of subjects like Economics, Mathematics, and Sciences. Art and Humanities educators can benefit from customized content that sparks creativity and critical thinking. Its AI-driven tools also aid in creating inclusive content for students with varying levels of understanding, making education more accessible. Moreover, To Teach’s adaptability means it can serve as a vital tool in remote learning environments, blended learning, and traditional classrooms alike.

Who is To Teach for

  • Educators seeking to personalize lesson content
  • Language Teachers looking for tailored language exercises
  • STEM Educators needing subject-specific materials
  • Art and Humanities Teachers desiring creative teaching aids
  • Special Education Professionals aiming for adaptable learning materials

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (€/month)ExercisesWorksheetsLesson PlansGamificationPremium WorksheetsSolutions Access
Free€0Up to 5Up to 3Up to 2
Starter€5Up to 100Up to 10Up to 5
Pro€10Up to 200Up to 30Up to 10

Students and trainee teachers receive a 30% discount.

Free version – Available


Materials are available in limited languages.


Users might have concerns about the accuracy and appropriateness of AI-generated content, especially when adapting complex texts or topics. The platform’s reliance on user inputs for content quality also means there’s a learning curve to effectively use its features. Furthermore, the cost of personalization features may be a barrier for educators with limited budgets.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion of subject areas to include more niche topics
  • Adding more languages to aid educators in diverse speaking countries.

To explore how ToTeach can transform your teaching approach with personalized, AI-driven content, start planning your next lesson today.

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