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Team-GPT: Enhancing ChatGPT Collaboration for Teams


Team-GPT is a platform designed to boost ChatGPT adoption within teams, ranging from small groups to large organizations of up to 2,000 members. It streamlines the process of organizing knowledge, facilitating collaboration, and mastering AI within a shared workspace. With features like folders and subfolders, a prompt library, cost savings through efficient API usage, and adoption reports, Team-GPT ensures that teams can effectively integrate ChatGPT into their workflows.

Features & Benefits

  • Folders and Subfolders: Simplify knowledge organization and clutter reduction, making it easier for teams to find and share valuable chats.
  • Benefits: Enhances knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Prompt Library: Offers over 100 ready-to-use conversation starters and more than 50 tips for GPT mastery, promoting learning and productivity.
  • Benefits: Accelerates learning curve and encourages team engagement with AI.
  • Cost Savings: Provides a more economical approach to ChatGPT usage, eliminating wait limits and offering priority access to the OpenAI API.
  • Benefits: Reduces expenses for teams while ensuring efficient AI utilization.
  • Adoption Reports: Tracks and analyzes team engagement and ChatGPT adoption rates, offering insights into usage patterns.
  • Benefits: Helps in understanding team interaction with AI and optimizing resource allocation.


  • Web app

Team-GPT Tasks

  • Organize chats in folders and subfolders
  • Highlight use cases for faster adoption
  • Share and learn from prompt templates
  • Collaborate in group chats
  • Generate cost savings through efficient API usage
  • Track AI adoption rates within teams

Team-GPT Integrations

  • n/a (Direct integration with OpenAI’s API)

Real-world applications

Team-GPT is applicable across various industries, enhancing team collaboration, knowledge sharing, and productivity. In tech companies, it can streamline project management and development processes. Marketing teams can utilize it for brainstorming and strategy planning. In education, it aids in organizing teaching materials and facilitating collaborative learning. Healthcare organizations can use it for knowledge sharing among professionals. Research teams benefit from efficient data analysis and idea generation. Customer service departments can improve response times and quality. HR teams can leverage it for training and development. Legal teams can use it for case research and documentation. Non-profits can enhance project planning and execution. Lastly, in finance, it aids in market analysis and strategy formulation.

Who is Team-GPT for

  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Tech companies
  • Marketing teams
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Research groups
  • Customer service departments
  • Human resources teams
  • Legal departments
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Financial analysts

Pricing & Discount

Free collaboration (up to 2)$0 + API costsUp to 2 people, pay-per-use API
Team collaboration (3-500)$20/team/month3 to 500 people, pay-per-use API

Team-GPT Free version



  • Team-GPT might not cater to organizations larger than 2,000 members due to scaling limitations.
  • The reliance on OpenAI’s API means usage costs can vary, potentially complicating budgeting for some teams.
  • Without direct integrations beyond OpenAI’s API, some users might find it less versatile compared to tools with broader integration ecosystems.


Users might have concerns regarding data privacy and security, given the platform’s dependency on external API connections. The learning curve for effectively utilizing all features could be steep for less tech-savvy team members. Additionally, the variability in monthly costs due to API usage rates may be a financial planning challenge for some organizations.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion of direct integrations with other productivity tools could enhance usability.
  • Introduction of AI-powered insights for optimizing team collaboration and productivity.
  • Development of more granular control over permissions and access for larger teams.

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