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Teacher AI: Unlimited Language Practice


Teacher AI offers unlimited foreign language conversation practice for 29 languages. It provides personalized speaking practice, correcting mistakes and explaining grammar. The AI can converse in both English and the target language, allowing for seamless language learning. It’s available 24/7, making it accessible anytime.

Features & Benefits

  • Unlimited Conversation Practice: Engage in unlimited conversations for a fraction of the cost of a human teacher.
  • Personalized Conversations: Talk about topics of interest and learn relevant vocabulary.
  • Bilingual Teacher: The AI teacher can respond in both English and the target language, aiding understanding.
  • Code-Switching: Start sentences in the target language and finish in English; the AI will correct and guide.
  • Progress Tracking: Track the number of words understood and used during conversations.

Supported Languages

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Filipino, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Teacher AI Platforms

  • Web app

Teacher AI Tasks

  • Offer personalized language conversation practice
  • Correct mistakes and explain grammar
  • Respond to questions in both English and the target language
  • Track vocabulary usage and understanding

Teacher AI Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world Applications

Teacher AI is useful for intermediate and advanced language learners but it’s not suitable for beginners. For example, a business professional looking to improve their French can engage in conversations about industry-specific topics, ensuring they learn the most relevant terms. A student preparing for a study abroad program in Japan can practice daily conversations, improving their fluency and confidence. A traveler wanting to brush up on Spanish before a trip can use the AI tutor to practice common phrases and receive corrections in real-time.

Imagine ordering food in Italian with ease, or discussing the latest tech trends in Korean. Teacher AI helps users gain confidence and fluency in a practical, engaging way.

Who is Teacher AI for

  • Intermediate language learners
  • Advanced language learners
  • Business professionals
  • Students preparing for study abroad
  • Travelers

Pricing & Discount

1 Month6 Months1 year
All plans include unlimited access to all features.

Teacher AI Free Version

Not available


  • No structured lessons
  • Not suitable for beginners


  • Data privacy
  • Lack of real human connection
  • Cost compared to free language apps
  • Learning curve for those new to AI-based tools

Potential Future Developments

  • Adding structured lessons for beginners
  • Expanding to more languages

Teacher AI makes language learning accessible and engaging.

Try it to boost your fluency and confidence in your target language.

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