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Taylored: AI Product Image Generation


Taylored uses AI to generate commercial-ready images of products. It creates perfect digital clones of products and integrates them into high-quality visuals, eliminating the need for traditional photography setups.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Product Cloning: Creates perfect AI images of your products, reusable for future campaigns.
  • AI Image Generation: Combines technology and creative expertise to produce engaging visuals.
  • Custom AI Model Fine-tuning: Tailors AI models to specific brand styles for more accurate image generation.
  • Prompting: Expertly transforms creative ideas into high-quality images.
  • Upscaling: The AI tool produces 4K UHD images, preserving detail and quality.


Web app

Taylored Tasks

  • Generate AI images of products
  • Clone products for digital use
  • Fine-tune AI models for specific brands
  • Upscale images to 4K UHD



Real-world Applications

Brands often face logistical challenges when creating new product visuals. Taylored eliminates these challenges by providing AI-generated images that match traditional studio quality without the need for photographers, models, or studios. For instance, a fashion brand can quickly launch a new collection by generating realistic images of their clothing on virtual models in various settings. This not only saves time but also reduces costs significantly.

Imagine launching a global campaign where your product appears simultaneously in Paris, Tokyo, and New York – all in the same day!

Who is Taylored for

  • Marketers
  • E-commerce businesses
  • Fashion brands
  • Product-based companies

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceImage CostProduct CloningFinal ImagesRevisionsAI Model Fine-tuningAI Brand AmbassadorSupport
Starter999€166€/image26UnlimitedYesYes1 on 1
Pro2,999€149€/image620UnlimitedYesYes1 on 1
Enterprise4,999€99€/image1250UnlimitedYesYes1 on 1

Taylored Free Version

Not available


  • Limited customization options for product presentations beyond the AI-generated images.
  • Dependence on the quality of initial product photos for cloning accuracy.


  • Data Privacy: Handling of proprietary product images and brand data.
  • Usability: Learning curve for leveraging custom AI models and image generation.
  • Compatibility: Integration with existing brand workflows and marketing strategies.
  • Cost: High initial investment for small businesses.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced Real-time Editing: Allowing users to make on-the-fly adjustments to images.
  • Expanded Integration Options: Compatibility with e-commerce platforms and marketing tools.
  • Virtual Try-On Features: Enabling customers to see products in different settings and on different models in real-time.

Unlock the potential of your product visuals with Taylored, transforming how you create and present commercial content.

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