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Synthesys: AI-Powered Content Creation Studio


Synthesys offers tools for transforming text into ultra-realistic voiceovers, videos, and images. It’s designed for anyone looking to enhance their content with AI voices, avatars, or visuals.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-realistic AI voices: Choose from over 300 voices across 140+ languages.
  • Human-like avatars: Create or select from 60+ avatars for your videos.
  • Voice cloning: Personalize your content with voice cloning technology.
  • AI Video Generator: Turn scripts into professional-looking videos quickly.
  • AI Image Generator: Create beautiful, personalized artwork and images in seconds.
  • Customization and Integration: Adjust voice speed, pitch, and integrate seamlessly with various applications.
  • Efficiency: Reduce video production costs and time significantly.
  • Accessibility: Make content accessible in multiple languages with voice and video translation services.

Synthesys Platforms

  • Web app

Synthesys Tasks

  • Generate ultra-realistic voiceovers
  • Create human-like video avatars
  • Produce personalized images and artwork
  • Clone voices for personalized messaging
  • Translate and dub videos in multiple languages

Synthesys Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine creating a training video without needing a studio or voice actors. Synthesys lets you pick an avatar, type your script, and generate a professional video in minutes. It’s like having an entire production team at your fingertips. You can even clone your voice to keep personal branding consistent across all content.

Now, picture a world where your pet photo talks, delivering birthday wishes or announcements. With Synthesys, this whimsical idea becomes a charming reality, turning a simple image into an engaging message carrier.

Who is Synthesys for

  • Content creators
  • Educators and trainers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Business owners
  • Social media influencers

Pricing & Discount

Synthesys Free version – Not available ❌

Creator$41/m or $495/yearUnlimited generations, 5 voice clones, Commercial License
Business$69/m or $831/yearFaster generation, 10 voice clones, 5 Instant Custom Avatars, Commercial License


The free version has limitations on voice and image generations, and voice cloning is restricted to one voice.


Potential concerns include the learning curve for new users, compatibility with different platforms, and ensuring the privacy of cloned voices.

Potential Future Developments

Adding more languages and dialects could broaden the tool’s applicability. Enhanced editing features for voice modulation and video editing could offer users even more control over their creations.

Discover a new realm of creativity with Synthesys. Start transforming your text into engaging content today!

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