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Superpowered: AI-Powered Notetaking for Meetings

Superpowered meeting and note taking AI

Discover Superpowered, the AI notetaking tool that transforms your meeting experiences. Utilizing advanced AI, it converts spoken dialogue into concise, well-organized notes, ensuring you never miss critical points in your meetings. Superpowered operates seamlessly across all major meeting platforms, offering a bot-free, recording-free approach to notetaking.


Superpowered is a web-based AI notetaking tool designed to streamline the process of capturing key points during meetings. It integrates with various platforms, ensuring an unobtrusive and efficient notetaking experience without the need for bots or recordings.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Notetaker: Automatically transcribes device audio in real time, converting speech to text and generating organized meeting notes.
  • Notion, Zapier, Google Drive, Slack Integrations: Allows seamless integration with popular productivity tools for enhanced workflow.
  • AI Templates: Provides customizable templates for different meeting types, ensuring consistency and efficiency in note-taking.
  • AI Chat (Coming Soon): Offers a virtual assistant that holds the memory of all attended meetings, aiding in recall and information retrieval.

Superpowered Tasks

  • Real-time transcription of meeting audio
  • Generation of structured notes
  • Integration with calendars and productivity tools
  • Provision of AI-based memory assistant (upcoming feature)

Superpowered Integrations

  • Calendar
  • Slack
  • Notion
  • Google Drive
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier

Real-world Applications

Superpowered is ideal for professionals and teams who engage in frequent meetings. It suits sectors like sales, HR, project management, and customer service, where accurate record-keeping is crucial. Educational institutions and healthcare providers can also benefit from its efficient notetaking capabilities.

Who is Superpowered for

  • Business professionals
  • Project managers
  • HR personnel
  • Sales teams
  • Educators
  • Healthcare providers

Pricing & Discount

Superpowered offers tiered pricing plans, providing flexibility to cater to various user needs. Yearly subscriptions offer significant savings.

PlanPrice (per month)Calendar ConnectionsIntegrationsNotes HistoryAI NotesAdditional Features
Free$01Calendar, Slack1 month
Basic$36UnlimitedCalendar, Slack, Notion, Google DriveUnlimited10/monthRemove branding
Pro$108UnlimitedCalendar, Slack, Notion, Google Drive, Salesforce, HubSpot, ZapierUnlimitedUnlimitedAI Notes templates, Remove branding

Superpowered Free version



  • Limited support for operating systems (currently MacOS and Windows only)
  • AI Notes are limited in the Free and Basic plans
  • No mobile or Linux support yet


  • Data privacy and consent for recording in different jurisdictions
  • Superpowered is SOC-2 Type-2 and GDPR compliant, addressing security and privacy concerns
  • Users need to check local laws for consent regarding audio transcription

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements may include mobile and Linux support, expansion of language options, and the introduction of AI Chat, an AI assistant with memory of all attended meetings.

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