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Supercreator: AI-Assisted Short-Form Video Creation

Supercreator short video creation assistance AI


Supercreator is an advanced AI-assisted tool designed to streamline the process of creating short-form videos. It’s available both as a web app and for iOS, catering to a diverse range of users. This tool significantly reduces the average video creation time to just 3 minutes, making it an efficient choice for professionals and businesses. Supercreator specializes in transforming various inputs like articles, Twitter threads, and YouTube videos into polished video scripts, simplifying the journey from ideation to video creation.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideation Tools: Convert articles, social media threads, and natural text into scripts. Import existing scripts or create from scratch, with the added benefit of suggested ideas based on user activity.
  • Editing Capabilities: Features like advanced captions, smart trimming of pauses, super editing, and customizable templates enhance the video editing process.
  • Capture Features: Adjustable teleprompter, dynamic green screen, AR filters, text-to-filter functionality, voice-controlled camera, HD and audio-only recording enrich the video capturing experience.
  • Posting Assistance: Supports exporting videos in various formats and improves algorithm compatibility. It also automatically generates hashtags, captions, and titles.
  • Collaboration & Automation: Allows multiple user access with varied permission levels for collaborating on video projects, and upcoming features for scheduled postings and AI-assisted scriptwriting and editing.

Supercreator Tasks

  • Video dubbing
  • Script writing
  • Video editing
  • Record custom short videos
  • Content posting and optimization

Supercreator Integrations

  • Integration with various platforms for direct video posting (upcoming feature)

Real-world applications

Supercreator is a versatile tool that can benefit various industries. Marketers can use it to create engaging viral shorts with AI, enhancing their digital presence. Educational professionals and content creators can produce informative videos with ease. Small businesses and startups can leverage it for cost-effective advertising and brand storytelling. It’s also suitable for freelancers and social media influencers looking to produce high-quality content with minimal time investment. Additionally, large enterprises can use it for internal communications, training videos, and corporate branding.

Who is Supercreator for

  • Marketers
  • Educators
  • Content Creators
  • Small Businesses
  • Freelancers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Large Enterprises

Pricing & Discount

Plan TypePriceFeatures
Pro (Monthly)$25/seatMulti-device support, no watermark, increased script limit, iOS access, 1GB storage, auto scripts, agent automations, scheduling, custom filters
Pro (Yearly)$10/seatSame as monthly, with 60% discount for yearly payment
Agency$5,000 for 10 videos/monthFull-service solution including audience analysis, scriptwriting, creator matching, professional editing, copywriting, distribution, performance reporting, dedicated account manager

Supercreator Free version – Available


Supercreator, while efficient, might have limitations in terms of storage capacity (1GB for the Pro plan) and could be less suited for long-form video production. The tool’s effectiveness also depends on the quality of input provided for script and video generation.

This AI shorts maker does not offer video content repurposing or in other words, it does not create shorts from long videos or other sources. You have to actually record and edit the video.


Users might have concerns regarding data privacy and the security of content shared on the platform. Additionally, the reliance on AI for content creation could raise questions about originality and customization for specific branding needs.

Potential Future Developments

Supercreator may expand its AI capabilities to include more personalized content creation, improved scriptwriting, and advanced editing features. Integration with a wider range of social platforms and enhanced data analytics for performance tracking are also potential areas for development.

Explore the efficiency of AI-assisted video creation with Supercreator – try it for free and experience a new era of video production!

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