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SummerEyes: Internet Text Summarization Chrome Extension


SummerEyes is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to condense online text into brief summaries. It uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract key points and rewrite content for clarity, significantly reducing reading time. SummerEyes is a convenient AI tool for those overwhelmed by the volume of online information, offering instant summaries within the browser.

Features & Benefits

  • Blazingly Fast Summaries: Quickly turns lengthy articles into concise highlights.
  • Convenient One-Click Use: Operates directly in the Chrome browser, eliminating the need for app-switching or text copying.
  • Powerful NLP Technology: Employs cutting-edge NLP to read, comprehend, and rephrase text.
  • Broad Applicability: Useful for reading newsletters, articles, and company-wide emails efficiently.
  • Easy Installation: Available as a Chrome extension, it’s easy to install and use on any device supporting Chrome.

SummerEyes Tasks

  • Summarizing news articles
  • Condensing lengthy emails
  • Reducing the length of online documents
  • Providing brief overviews of textbooks

SummerEyes Integrations

Real-world Applications

SummerEyes serves various industries and professions by distilling extensive online text into digestible summaries. It’s particularly beneficial for professionals who need to stay informed but have limited time to read extensive materials, like business executives, researchers, and educators. Journalists can use it to quickly grasp the essence of long reports or articles. Students and academics may find it helpful for summarizing lengthy academic papers or textbooks. Legal professionals could use it to review case files or legal documents more efficiently. In essence, SummerEyes is an invaluable AI summzarizer tool for anyone needing to quickly extract vital information from dense online text.

Who is SummerEyes for

  • Business Executives
  • Researchers
  • Educators and Students
  • Journalists
  • Legal Professionals

Pricing & Discount

BetaFreeBasic summarization capabilities
Premium*TBDExtended features (post-Beta)

*Pricing details for the Premium version will be announced after the Beta testing phase.

SummerEyes Free version – Available

The current Beta version is free to use.


  • Limited to summarizing English text only.
  • Not available for browsers other than Chrome and Brave (desktop).
  • Summarizing texts over a few thousand words or PDFs requires a Premium subscription.
  • Server capacity limitations may affect processing time.


Users may have concerns about:

  • Data privacy and how their inputted text is handled.
  • Limited language support, currently only in English.
  • Browser compatibility, as it’s currently only available for Chrome and Brave.
  • The potential for inaccuracies in summarization.

Potential Future Developments

SummerEyes may expand to include support for additional languages and compatibility with more browsers like Safari and Firefox. The AI tool could also enhance its NLP algorithms for more accurate and nuanced summaries, and potentially introduce more advanced features in the Premium version post-Beta.

Experience the convenience of quick, one-click summaries by installing the SummerEyes Chrome extension now.

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