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StudyFetch: Interactive Study Tools


StudyFetch helps you create interactive study materials from your course content. It generates flashcards, quizzes, and notes from various file formats, and offers a personalized AI tutor for real-time learning.

Features & Benefits

  • Notes AI: Create comprehensive and organized notes from your course materials instantly. This feature helps you summarize lengthy documents, making it easier to review key points.
  • Flashcards AI: Generate detailed flashcards with a single click from various formats like PDFs, PowerPoints, and handwritten notes. This aids in quick revision and better retention of information.
  • Quizzes AI: Make and practice quizzes derived directly from your study materials. These quizzes help in self-assessment and reinforce learning.
  • Spark.E AI: Engage with a personal AI tutor that answers questions, provides explanations, and assists with study planning in real-time. This interactive feature enhances understanding and retention.
  • Spark.E Visuals: Ask questions about images, diagrams, and other visual content from your notes. This is particularly useful for subjects requiring visual learning, like biology and engineering.
  • Record Live Lecture: Capture live lectures, take notes, and ask questions in real-time without needing to manually type or write. This feature ensures you don’t miss any critical information during lectures.
  • Essay Grader: Receive personalized feedback and suggestions on your essays, helping you improve your writing skills and achieve better grades.
  • Tutor Me: Get a full lecture on your course material from Spark.E. This feature is like having a personal tutor who can deliver lessons on-demand, ensuring thorough understanding of complex topics.

These features collectively ensure that students can convert their diverse study materials into effective study aids, facilitating a more structured and engaging learning experience.

StudyFetch Platforms

Web app

StudyFetch Tasks

  • Generate notes from course material
  • Create flashcards from various formats
  • Make quizzes for practice
  • Chat with an AI tutor in real-time
  • Ask questions about images and diagrams
  • Record and interact with live lectures
  • Grade and get feedback on essays
  • Receive AI-generated lectures

StudyFetch Integrations


Real-world Applications

StudyFetch is perfect for students who need to organize their study materials efficiently. For example, a medical student can upload lecture notes and quickly create flashcards to review key terms. An engineering student can convert complex diagrams into interactive quizzes. History students can use Spark.E to discuss intricate topics and gain a deeper understanding. Imagine a law student recording live lectures and having the ability to ask the AI questions about case law on the spot.

An amusing use case: A student might upload their friend’s doodles from class, turning them into humorous flashcards to lighten up their study sessions.

Who is StudyFetch for

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Researchers
  • Lifelong learners

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly PriceFeatures
Free$010 Chats , 1 Study Set, 1 Upload, 1 AI Generated Practice Test/Flashcard Set
Base$7.99100 Chats E, 100 Study Sets, Document Editing AI Tools, 10 Document Uploads, Limited Game-Based Learning, 5 Video/Audio uploads
Premium$11.99Unlimited Chats E, Unlimited Study Sets, Unlimited AI Generated Practice Tests/Flashcard Sets, Unlimited Document Uploads, Record Live Lecture Assistant, Handwritten Notes and Photo Uploader, 25 Spark.E Visuals, Up-To-Date Information with Web Browser and Search AI, Unlimited Game-Based Learning

StudyFetch Free version



  • Limited to web app platform.
  • No integrations with other educational tools.
  • Free version has restricted access to features.


  • Data privacy regarding uploaded materials.
  • Learning curve for new users.
  • Cost of premium plans.

Potential Future Developments

  • Mobile app support for iOS and Android.
  • Integration with more educational platforms.
  • Enhanced AI capabilities for more detailed feedback and interaction.

Enhance your study sessions with StudyFetch by turning your course materials into dynamic, interactive learning aids.

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