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Stammer: White Label Chatbot Solutions for Agencies


Stammer specializes in offering white label chatbot solutions, allowing agencies to create, customize, and deploy AI chatbots under their own branding. This platform is tailored for agencies aiming to enhance their services with advanced AI technology, without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete White Label Customization: Agencies can fully brand the chatbot platform, including domain, logo, and interface, making it entirely their own.
  • Versatile AI Chatbot Development: Build chatbots that can handle a wide range of tasks, from answering queries to scheduling appointments and generating leads.
  • Automated Lead Follow-Up: Enable chatbots to automatically engage leads across various communication channels, ensuring consistent follow-up.
  • Direct CRM Integration: Effortlessly integrate chatbot interactions into your clients’ CRM systems, streamlining the lead capture and management process.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Create chatbots that communicate in over 160 languages, broadening your clients’ global reach.
  • Revenue Generation Opportunities: By connecting a Stripe account, agencies can monetize these chatbot solutions through subscription-based models.

Stammer Platforms

  • Web app

Stammer Tasks

  • Automated customer inquiries responses
  • Real-time lead generation and qualification
  • Efficient appointment scheduling
  • Instant lead follow-up across communication platforms
  • CRM integration for seamless data transition

Stammer Integrations

  • Stripe for seamless payment processing
  • Various CRMs to ensure compatibility with clients’ existing systems

How White Label Works

The white label aspect of Stammer is central to its offering, providing agencies with a powerful tool to expand their services without the need to develop complex AI technologies in-house. Here’s how it works:

  • Customization: Upon signing up, agencies can customize the Stammer platform, including the user interface, domain, and logo, to mirror their branding. This customization extends to the chatbots themselves, ensuring that all client interactions are fully branded.
  • Deployment: Agencies then deploy these branded chatbots on their clients’ websites or other digital platforms. Since the chatbots are white labeled, they appear as though they have been developed by the agency, not Stammer.
  • Integration: These chatbots can be integrated with clients’ existing CRM systems, ensuring that leads and data captured are directly funneled into the clients’ sales pipelines. This integration process is seamless and does not require the client to switch platforms or manage complex integrations.
  • Monetization: Agencies set their own pricing for the chatbot services, allowing them to control the margin and create a recurring revenue model. This could be a flat monthly fee, a tiered pricing model based on usage or features, or customized pricing for individual clients.
  • Support and Scalability: Stammer supports agencies with tools and resources to manage and scale their chatbot services. This includes analytics to monitor chatbot performance, marketing materials to help sell the service, and technical support for both the agency and its clients.

In essence, Stammer’s white label functionality empowers agencies to offer sophisticated AI chatbot services as if they were their own, without the need for deep technical expertise or significant upfront investment. This approach not only enhances the agency’s service portfolio but also positions them as innovators in leveraging AI technology for business growth.

Real-world applications

Stammer’s white label chatbots are a game-changer for industries requiring dynamic customer interaction and engagement. They are invaluable for:

  • Boosting digital marketing efforts with around-the-clock lead capture and engagement.
  • Automating service appointments in healthcare, beauty, and other appointment-driven sectors.
  • Enhancing e-commerce customer support by providing instant, accurate responses to queries.
  • Supporting real estate agencies with immediate response capabilities to property inquiries.

Who is Stammer for

  • Marketing and digital agencies
  • Customer service outsourcing firms
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Healthcare clinics and service providers
  • Real estate agencies

Pricing & Discount

Stammer’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate agencies at different growth stages:

STARTUP$197/moIdeal for small agencies, offering basic access and features.
AGENCY$497/moSuitable for growing agencies, includes expanded capabilities.
FULL SAAS MODE$997/moFor large agencies ready to fully leverage white label chatbots.

Stammer Free version

Not available


  • Initial setup costs and monthly fees may be prohibitive for smaller agencies.
  • The allocation of AI agents and message credits may require plan upgrades as agency needs grow.


  • Maintaining data privacy and security within the chatbots is critical.
  • Adapting the chatbots to fit into various CRM systems could present technical challenges.
  • Agencies must consider the learning curve associated with customizing and deploying AI technology.

Potential Future Developments

Looking ahead, Stammer could enhance its offering with:

  • Voice interaction capabilities to diversify the chatbot communication methods.
  • More advanced analytics features for agencies to track engagement and effectiveness.
  • Broader integration options with industry-specific platforms and tools.

Elevate your agency’s service offerings with Stammer’s white label chatbot solutions. Customize, deploy, and monetize AI chatbots that seamlessly integrate into your clients’ operations.

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