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Stablecog AI generated images

Stablecog is an AI-driven platform designed for generating unique and high-quality images. Utilizing various models and settings, it enables users to craft images for a wide range of applications. Stablecog is accessible on web and as an open-source system on GitHub. The tool offers a user-friendly interface complemented by cloud storage for all creations.

Stablecog Features

  • Robust and scalable system using NVIDIA A100s
  • Default generation of 4 images at a time
  • Open-source system available on GitHub (Stable Diffusion, NLLB and SwinIR).
  • User-friendly interface that saves previous actions
  • Cloud storage for all generations
  • Various fine-tuned Stable Diffusion models available
  • Settings for guidance scale, negative prompts, scheduler, seed, and more
  • Gallery with user generated images

Stablecog Benefits

  • High-quality images with a user-friendly interface
  • Variety of models and settings to create unique images
  • Cloud storage for all generations
  • Open-source system available on GitHub
  • Real-time results with previous actions saved

Real-world Applications

  • Digital art creation
  • Advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Video game development
  • Interior and architectural design
  • Medical imaging
  • Stock photo creation

Limitations and Concerns

  • Some settings may not produce desired results
  • Negative prompts may not always steer the model in the intended direction
  • Pricing model may not be suitable for all users
  • Ethical concerns surrounding AI-generated images may be addressed and mitigated
  • AI-generated images may have ethical concerns, such as deepfakes

Future Developments

  • Stablecog may expand its models and settings to create even more diverse images
  • AI-generated images may become more sophisticated and realistic

Availability and Pricing

Stablecog offers both free and paid options for image generation:

PlanPriceImages per MonthGeneration SpeedParallel GenerationsUse TypeImage PrivacySpecial Offer
Free€0/month20 /daySlowNoPersonal onlyPublic
Starter€10/month 1,750Fast2CommercialPrivateFirst month 30% off!
Pro €25/month 4,500Fast3CommercialPrivateFirst month 30% off!
Ultimate€50/month 10,000Fast4CommercialPrivateFirst month 30% off!

Stablecog Guide

Stablecog offers a comprehensive guide on how to use the platform, covering everything from generation settings to creating good prompts. The guide includes information on various fine-tuned Stable Diffusion models available on the platform, such as Openjourney, Waifu Diffusion, Arcane Diffusion, and Kandinsky.

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