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SparkReceipt: Expense Tracker


SparkReceipt is an AI expense tracking tool that scans and digitizes receipts, invoices, and bank statements. It helps users track and categorize their expenses and income. Users can share this information with team members, spouses, or accountants. SparkReceipt reduces manual financial tasks by up to 95% through AI-powered scanning and automatic categorization. It works in any language and with 150 currencies.

Features & Benefits

Scanning and Extraction

  • Automatic Data Extraction (OCR): Snap a picture of a receipt or invoice, and the AI extracts and categorizes the expense.
  • Auto-Forward Receipts from Email: Forward any e-receipt to the app for automatic reading, extraction, and categorization.
  • Upload Bank Statements: Extract transactions from bank statements and match expenses with scanned receipts.

Financial Management

  • Manage Finances Across Borders: Reads receipts in multiple languages and offers currency conversions among 150 currencies.
  • Automatic Categorization: Categorize expenses into predefined or custom categories.
  • Monthly Profit/Loss in Real-Time: Monitor monthly profit/loss for immediate insights.
  • Financial Reports: Generate reports on income and expenses for informed financial decisions.

Accessibility and Synchronization

  • Automatic Synchronization: Capture receipts on your smartphone and access them across all your devices.
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps: Access all app features on-the-go from both iOS and Android devices.
  • Data Export: Export data in PDF, Excel, CSV, or ZIP archive formats.

Collaboration and Security

  • Share and Collaborate on Expenses: Share receipts, expenses, and income with others through invites or shareable links.
  • Unlimited Data Retention: Access all financial data without time constraints.
  • Data Security: Uses major cloud service providers and their security practices.

SparkReceipt Platforms

Web app, iOS, Android

SparkReceipt Tasks

  • Scan receipts, invoices, and bank statements
  • Extract information from receipts and invoices
  • Track and categorize expenses and income
  • Invite users and collaborate on expenses

SparkReceipt Integrations


Real-world Applications

Small Business Owners: SparkReceipt helps small business owners manage their receipts, invoices, and expenses effortlessly. For instance, a café owner can scan daily purchase receipts and track expenses in real-time, allowing more time to focus on running the café.

Freelancers can easily separate business and personal expenses with the AI expense tracker. For example, a graphic designer can keep track of client-related expenses and income without worrying about manual entry.

Household Management: Families can use SparkReceipt to manage household expenses. A parent can scan grocery receipts and share the expense data with their spouse, ensuring transparency and better budgeting.

Accountants can use the AI tool to receive and categorize client receipts and bank statements more efficiently. This saves time on manual data entry, allowing them to focus on financial analysis.

Creative Suggestion: A pet grooming business could use SparkReceipt to track the expenses of various pet products and services. They could also categorize expenses by pet types or services, ensuring a fun and organized financial record system.

Who is SparkReceipt for

  • Small Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Families
  • Accountants

Pricing & Discount

Free$01 user, 15 smart AI scans/month
Pro$5.99/monthUnlimited smart AI scans, all features included

SparkReceipt Free version



  • Limited to 1 user on the free plan
  • 15 smart AI scans per month on the free plan


  • Data Privacy: Relies on major cloud service providers; ensure data security practices are adequate.
  • Usability: May have a learning curve for users unfamiliar with financial apps.
  • Compatibility: Ensure it supports all required languages and currencies for international users.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with Popular Accounting Software: Adding support for QuickBooks, Xero, and other accounting platforms to streamline data transfer and financial management.
  • Custom Report Builder: Allowing users to design and generate reports tailored to their specific business needs or financial goals.
  • Multi-User Access Levels: Introducing different access levels for users, such as view-only, edit, or admin rights, to improve team collaboration and data security.
  • Expanded Payment Methods Tracking: Incorporating tracking for various payment methods, including digital wallets and cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Automated Tax Calculation: Implementing features for automatic tax calculation and categorization to assist users in preparing for tax season.

Scan receipts and invoices, track expenses, and categorize transactions with SparkReceipt.

Save time and reduce manual work using AI-powered features.

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