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SlidesAI: AI Generated Presentations


SlidesAI is a tool designed to automate the creation of slides. It transforms text input into slides using artificial intelligence, targeting users who require quick, professional-looking presentations without design expertise. It works as a web application and is accessible through Google Slides as an extension.

Features & Benefits

  • Text to Presentation: Convert text into slides with minimal user input.
  • Topic to Presentation: Input a topic and receive a full presentation (currently in private beta).
  • Multi-language Support: Works with over 100 languages and translations available in six major languages.
  • Customizable Designs: Offers color and font presets with customization options.
  • Quick Creation: Generate presentations swiftly, claiming a 10x speed increase over manual methods.
  • Searchable Citations: AI-powered citation finding for slide content.
  • Icon and Image Libraries: Access to customizable icons and 1.5 million premium stock images.
  • Sentence Paraphrasing: Improve uniqueness and engagement of slide content.
  • Export as Video: Feature in development to allow video exports of presentations.

Real-world applications

SlidesAI serves educators, students, and business professionals by simplifying the presentation creation process. In academia, it assists in creating lecture materials. For businesses, it can be used to rapidly develop slides for reports, pitches, or marketing material. It’s particularly beneficial in multi-lingual environments, allowing users to prepare presentations in various languages, enhancing communication and education sectors’ efficiency globally.

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly CostPresentationsCharacter InputAI CreditsVideo ExportsDocument Upload
Basic€0.003/mo2500/pres10/mo1/moComing Soon
Pro€11.5010/mo6000/pres50/mo10/moComing Soon
Premium€22.99Unlimited12000/pres100/mo20/moComing Soon

If you opt-in for yearly billing, you will get 2 months free.


  • Design Customization: While customization is possible, it might be limited compared to specialized design software.
  • Feature Availability: Some advertised features like video export and document upload are not yet available.
  • Software Compatibility: Currently only integrates with Google Slides, though PowerPoint integration is in progress.


  • Data Privacy: With any AI tool that processes textual input, there is a concern about how data is handled and stored.
  • Usability: Ease of use for users with advanced presentation needs may be a concern.
  • Compatibility: As of now, compatibility is limited to Google Slides, which may not suit all users.

Potential Future Developments

  • PowerPoint Integration: Expected to cater to a wider user base by including Microsoft users.
  • Video Export: Will likely enhance the richness of presentations by allowing them to be shared as videos.
  • Document Upload: May increase efficiency by letting users convert existing documents into presentations directly.

How to Use SlidesAI

  1. Install SlidesAI from Google Workspace Marketplace.
  2. Access SlidesAI through Google Slides via Extensions menu.
  3. Input or paste text into SlidesAI to generate slides.
  4. Customize the design and preview the presentation.

Best Practices for SlidesAI

  • Prepare your presentation text for clarity and conciseness before input.
  • Utilize the paraphrase feature to refine slide content.
  • Preview and adjust the generated slides to ensure they meet your specific needs.

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