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Slick: Youtube to Short Viral Clips


Slick converts YouTube videos into short viral clips. Users input a YouTube video URL, and the AI identifies the most engaging parts to create shorts. The AI tool offers advanced video editing options such as trendy captions, sound effects, and seamless transitions.

Features & Benefits

  • Video to Shorts: Input a YouTube video URL or upload a video file to create shorts.
  • Trendy Captions: Add customizable, trendy captions updated weekly.
  • Cut Silences & Umms: Automatically remove filler words and silences.
  • AI B-roll: Add relevant b-rolls to clips with one click.
  • All Aspect Ratios: Edit clips in any aspect ratio, supporting up to 4k resolution.
  • Background Music: Add custom background music and sound effects.
  • Trim & Extend: Adjust clip duration and trim irrelevant parts.


Web app

Slick Tasks

  • Generate short clips from YouTube videos
  • Add trendy captions
  • Remove filler words and silences
  • Add b-rolls
  • Apply custom background music
  • Edit video aspect ratios
  • Trim and extend clips


  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • API

Real-world Applications

Slick is useful for content creators who want to produce engaging short videos from longer YouTube content. For instance, a vlogger can transform a 20-minute travel vlog into a series of 30-second clips, highlighting the most exciting moments. These clips can be optimized with trendy captions and sound effects, making them perfect for social media sharing.

How about having some fun? You can use the AI tool to convert an hour-long lecture into a series of short clips featuring the professor’s funniest moments.Then share it on TikTok and Insta.

Who is Slick for

  • Content creators
  • Social media managers
  • Video editors
  • Marketing teams
  • Educators

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/month1 video upload, 10 exports/month, limited custom templates, 5 mins/video, 1 team member
Starter$22/month25 video uploads/month, 50 exports/month, unlimited custom templates, 5 mins/video, 3 team members
Pro$34/monthUnlimited video uploads, unlimited exports, unlimited custom templates, 10 mins/video, 5 team members
Business$90/monthUnlimited video uploads, unlimited exports, unlimited custom templates, 15 mins/video, 10 team members

Slick Free version



  • Limited video duration per upload depending on the plan
  • Free version includes Slick watermark
  • Higher tier plans required for advanced features like API access and 4K export


  • Data privacy: Ensure your video content remains secure
  • Usability: Learning curve for beginners

Potential Future Developments

  • Advanced Video Effects: More sophisticated visual effects could enhance videos further.
  • Voiceovers: AI-generated voiceovers to complement video clips.
  • Collaborative Editing: Real-time collaboration features for teams.

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