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Skwad: Personal Finance Tracking


Skwad is a tool designed to help users manage their personal finances by turning bank spending alerts and receipts into categorized transactions. It offers a safe way to track expenses without the need to share sensitive bank login information. The AI finance app lets users gain insight into their spending habits and can manage their finances.

Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated Skwad Scan Email Address: Receive a unique email for capturing bank alerts and receipts.
  • Categorized Transactions: Automatically organizes spending alerts into categories.
  • Expense Tracking: No bank login required for a secure way to monitor expenses.
  • Bills and Subscription Tracking: Get notifications for upcoming bills and subscription changes.
  • Spending Analysis: Compare current expenses with past periods to find savings opportunities.
  • Custom Alerts: Receive personalized notifications for unusual transactions.
  • Group Management: Share and manage expenses with friends or family securely.
  • Integration with Popular Payment Methods: Supports Apple Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and more.
  • Additional Features: Includes a spending calendar, receipt enhancement, transaction splitting, and Google Sheets sync.

Skwad Platforms

  • Web app

Skwad Tasks

  • Categorize transactions
  • Track bills and subscriptions
  • Notify upcoming payments
  • Analyze spending trends
  • Alert on unusual transactions
  • Share transactions with groups
  • Export transactions for analysis

Skwad Integrations

  • Google Sheets
  • QuickBooks

Real-world applications

Imagine planning a group vacation. Skwad allows you to effortlessly track shared expenses, ensuring everyone contributes equally. Or consider managing household finances; the finance tracking app makes it simple to keep tabs on bills, groceries, and savings, all while safeguarding your data.

You can track every midnight snack raid. End the month with a hilarious, categorized confession of your nocturnal nibbling adventures.

Who is Skwad for

  • Individuals seeking financial clarity
  • Families managing household expenses
  • Friends splitting shared costs
  • Small business owners tracking expenses

Pricing & Discount

Skwad DUOUnlimited transactions, 1 scan address, up to 2 Skwads$11/year
Skwad DIYAdds real-time sync to Google Sheets, additional scan address$39/year
Skwad ConnectFor businesses, syncs with QuickBooks, connects all appsFrom $19/month

Skwad Free version

Not available


  • Limited to email and payment alert based tracking
  • Maximum of 2 Skwads in the base plan


  • Dependency on bank’s alert system for transaction tracking
  • Security of financial data during email transmission
  • Potential need for more comprehensive financial management features for complex portfolios

Potential Future Developments

  • Adding direct bank integrations for a wider range of financial institutions could enhance transaction tracking.
  • Introduction of budgeting tools and savings goals for comprehensive financial planning.

Unlock your financial insights with Skwad: No passwords. No ads. Just smart finance management.

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