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Sider, your sidebar ChatGPT AI Assistant

Sider, also known as the ChatGPT Sidebar, is a tool that integrates advanced AI technology with your web browsing experience. It’s an AI-driven extension designed for popular browsers such as Chrome and Edge, assisting users with translating, summarizing, explaining, and rewriting any selected text on a webpage. Sider, a product of OpenAI, is designed to augment your web activities, bringing the potential of AI to the tips of your fingers.

Features & Benefits of Sider

Sider is bundled with a variety of robust features aimed at streamlining your web browsing and content creation endeavors:

  • AI Chat & Painter: Sider gives users the ability to interact with advanced AI technologies like ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4, NewBing, and Bard. It also features an AI Painter, providing capabilities for text-to-image generation and image optimization, similar to technologies like Midjourney and Adobe Firefly.
  • AI-Powered Sidebar: With Sider, you can bring the power of GPT models to any webpage. This feature aids in summarizing, translating, explaining, and rewriting content, checking grammar, and even finding similar pages, making content consumption more efficient and productive.
  • Preset and Customized Prompts: Sider comes with preset prompt templates that align with various web activities, but it also offers flexibility, allowing users to add and use their own prompt templates.
  • YouTube Summary: For the video learners out there, Sider includes a YouTube summary feature, helping users to quickly grasp the content of YouTube videos.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Sider isn’t limited to a single platform. It can be used on Chrome, Edge, Safari, and also on mobile platforms through iOS and Android apps. A Windows app is also in the pipeline.


We asked SIder/ChatGPT-3.5 to summarize this very same article about it. This is the result:

Sider is a special tool that helps us do many things on the internet. It uses advanced AI technology to make our web browsing easier. With Sider, we can talk to intelligent AI assistants, summarize information, translate text, and even create images based on words we describe. It’s like having a smart helper right in our web browser! Sider can be used on different web browsers and even on our phones. It can help writers, bloggers, students, artists, and many others. Sider has some free features, but there are also paid plans for even more benefits. However, we need to remember that there are limits and some features may not be available on all platforms yet. In the future, Sider might get even better with new AI models, more prompt options, and voice interaction. But for now, it’s already a helpful tool for us to explore and try!

Sider summary test with the ChatGPT AI Assistant

Real-world applications of Sider

Sider’s diverse features offer versatile use-cases across different professional and personal domains, truly embodying the transformative power of AI in everyday life.

Content creators can significantly benefit from Sider’s AI-powered Sidebar, which assists with grammar checking, rewriting, and summarizing. Consider a freelance writer working on an article about the latest fashion trends. By leveraging Sider’s AI capabilities, the writer can rewrite the complex fashion jargon into simple and understandable content, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Bloggers and journalists often require quick access to summarised information from multiple sources. In such a scenario, Sider’s summarization feature can be a godsend. For instance, a tech blogger wanting to cover the latest smartphone releases can use Sider to quickly summarize detailed product specification pages, press releases, and reviews from different sources, thereby saving valuable time.

For authors working on a novel or screenplay, Sider can aid in developing character dialogues and plotlines. By providing a basic plot or dialogue, Sider can generate more detailed and nuanced content, contributing to a richer narrative.

For students and researchers, Sider’s features provide tangible benefits in a variety of ways. The YouTube summary feature, for instance, can save them hours of viewing time by extracting the key points from lengthy educational videos. Imagine a computer science student preparing for an exam. Instead of watching hour-long lectures on algorithm design, they could use Sider to summarise the videos, allowing them to focus on the most relevant content.

For visual artists and graphic designers, the AI Painter feature offers a new dimension of creativity. By entering text descriptions, artists can generate unique image concepts that they can further refine. Suppose a digital artist is working on a fantasy-themed project. They can use Sider to generate images based on descriptions like “a magical forest under a full moon”, sparking new ideas and inspirations.

Additionally, language learners can use Sider’s translation feature to enhance their learning experience. By translating complex sentences or phrases into their native language, they can better understand and learn the nuances of the language they are studying.

Sider Pricing & Discount

Sider offers both free and paid versions:

PlanPriceDiscountGPT3.5 QueriesGPT4.0 QueriesPDF AccessAI Painter Access
Free$0N/A30/day08 files, 200 pages/file8 queries
Monthly$10N/A3000/month20/month50 files/day, 2000 pages/file200 queries/month
Annual$100 (previously $150)33% Off3000/month40/month50 files/day, 2000 pages/file200 queries/month

Notably, Sider provides a significant discount for its annual plan, cutting the cost by a third from $150 to $100, offering a cost-effective solution for long-term users.


While Sider offers numerous benefits, it’s important to consider its limitations to set appropriate expectations. Here are a few limitations to keep in mind:

Query Limits: The free plan has daily query limits, and the paid plans have monthly query limits for GPT3.5 and GPT4.0, as well as limits for other features such as PDF and Painter.

Advanced Features Limitations: The free plan offers limited usage for advanced features like PDF, AI painter, and YouTube summary. Paid plans provide increased usage for these features.

Platform Availability: While Sider supports various platforms, including Chrome, Edge, Safari, iOS, Android, and Mac, the Windows app is currently in development and not yet available.

Dependence on Internet Access: Sider requires an internet connection to access the AI capabilities and provide the intended features.

By understanding these limitations, users can make informed decisions about how Sider aligns with their specific needs.

Potential Future Developments

Based on Sider’s current trajectory, industry trends, and user needs, several potential future enhancements could be anticipated. While these developments are speculative, they provide insights into potential improvements to the tool:

Claude Model: Sider may consider integrating the Claude model, a next-generation AI developed by Anthropic, to enhance its AI capabilities and offer users even more advanced features. If you have trouble accessing Claude due to geographic restrictions, you can try YesChat.

Prompt Generator: The addition of a prompt generator could allow users to generate customized and high-quality prompts. This feature would enable users to create suitable prompts tailored to their specific needs and achieve better outcomes.

Prompt Library: A prompt library, similar to AIPRM, could be introduced, offering a collection of pre-written prompts. Leveraging the power of prompt libraries can inspire users and aid their writing process.

Plugins: Sider might introduce plugins that users can pair with the AI chatbot to extend its capabilities. These plugins could include features like Link Reader and Code Interpreter, enhancing the tool’s functionality and versatility.

Voice Interaction: Voice interaction could be implemented, allowing users to engage in conversations with the AI assistant using voice input and output. This would provide a more intuitive and convenient way to interact with Sider.

It is important to note that these potential developments are speculative and based on the tool’s current trajectory and industry trends. The actual implementation and availability of these features depend on various factors.

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