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SheetGod: Excel Formula Creation

SheetGod Excel formulas AI


SheetGod is an AI-powered tool designed to convert English commands into complex Excel formulas swiftly. It simplifies the creation of macros, regular expressions, and task automation code snippets for Excel and Google Sheets. This platform is accessible for enhancing productivity in spreadsheet management and is suitable for both web and mobile app usage.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Powered Formulas: Generate Excel formulas from plain language queries.
  • Automate Tasks with Code: Create macros and Appscript code for task automation in Google Sheets and Excel.
  • Extract Data with Regex: Use regular expressions to parse and transform spreadsheet data.
  • Learn with Tutorials: Access tutorials for mastering basic tasks in Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Communicate with Emails and PDFs: Send customized emails and generate PDFs in bulk for reporting and customer communication.
  • Create Add-Ons: Develop add-ons for Google Workspace and Excel to enhance spreadsheet functionalities.

Real-world Applications

SheetGod serves a wide range of industries, from finance to marketing, by enabling non-technical users to perform technical spreadsheet operations. This tool can benefit data analysts, accountants, marketing professionals, and educators by saving time on complex data tasks, enhancing data-driven communication, and supporting decision-making processes with better data management.

Pricing & Discount

Monthly$10Standard access to all features


SheetGod may have limitations in understanding highly context-specific language or generating code for very advanced or non-standard tasks. Users may encounter challenges when their requirements exceed the predefined capabilities of the AI model.


Potential concerns for users may revolve around data security when inputting sensitive information into the AI, the accuracy of generated code, and the tool’s compatibility with different spreadsheet versions and complex data sets.

Potential Future Developments

Future developments for SheetGod may include enhanced natural language processing for more nuanced user requests, broader language support, and advanced integration capabilities with business intelligence tools.

How to Use SheetGod

  1. Select a Category: Choose from Formulas, VBA, Regex, Appscript, or Basic Tasks.
  2. Describe Your Task: Enter your request in English, detailing your specific need.
  3. Implement the Solution: Use the AI-generated output in your spreadsheet software.

Best Practices for SheetGod

  • Begin with simple queries to understand SheetGod’s capabilities.
  • Ensure data privacy by anonymizing sensitive information before processing.
  • Utilize tutorials to maximize the tool’s utility and your productivity.

SheetGod is an AI-powered tool that uses natural language processing to generate Excel formulas, VBA macros, regular expressions, and Google Appscript snippets from plain English. The platform is designed to help users automate tasks in Google Sheets and Excel, allowing them to manage large sets of data with ease.

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