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Scribe: Process Documentation Made Simple


Scribe is a tool that automates the creation of step-by-step guides for any process across web, desktop, and mobile platforms. It captures actions as you work, turning them into easy-to-follow documentation. Ideal for training, onboarding, and everyday reference, Scribe saves time and simplifies knowledge sharing.

Features & Benefits

  • Capture: Automatically records processes on websites, desktop applications, and mobile devices.
    • Benefit: Streamlines guide creation without the need for manual screenshot taking or video recording.
  • Edit: Offers AI-generated titles, descriptions, company branding, GIF creation, text formatting, tips, alerts, and screenshot editing.
    • Benefit: Enables quick customization and enhancement of guides for clarity and brand consistency.
  • Redact: Features automatic and manual options for redacting sensitive information, ensuring compliance and privacy.
    • Benefit: Protects sensitive data while sharing process guides.
  • Share: Guides can be shared via links, email, embeds, PDF, HTML & Markdown, and Confluence.
    • Benefit: Facilitates easy distribution and access to guides across different platforms and formats.
  • Insights: Provides analytics on guide views, completions, viewer details, and feedback.
    • Benefit: Helps measure engagement and keep content up-to-date.
  • Pages: Allows organization of multiple guides into comprehensive documents for complex processes.
    • Benefit: Simplifies the explanation of intricate procedures in one consolidated document.
  • Learn: Reduces repetitive inquiries by providing a centralized resource for information.
    • Benefit: Saves time and enhances productivity by minimizing interruptions.

Scribe Platforms

  • Chrome, Edge, desktop applications, mobile, and tablet devices

Scribe Tasks

  • Capture and document processes
  • Customize and edit process guides
  • Redact sensitive information
  • Share guides across various platforms
  • Analyze engagement with guides
  • Organize guides into comprehensive documents
  • Provide a centralized learning resource

Scribe Integrations

  • Confluence

Real-world applications

Scribe shines in diverse settings:

  • Implementing New Tools: Seamlessly guide teams through new software adoption, eliminating confusion and accelerating proficiency.
  • Onboarding: Transform the new hire experience by providing clear, accessible guides that answer questions before they’re asked.
  • Customer Training: Empower customers with self-serve resources, enhancing satisfaction and reducing support requests.
  • Policy and Procedure Communication: Ensure everyone is on the same page with standardized, easy-to-update documentation.
  • SOP: Imagine using Scribe to document the process of making the perfect cup of coffee – a vital SOP for caffeine-dependent teams!

Who is Scribe for

  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Educators and trainers
  • HR departments
  • IT support teams
  • Customer service representatives

Pricing & Discount

BasicFreeWeb app support, link & embed sharing
Pro$23/seat/monthDesktop & mobile app support, branding, advanced editing
Team$12/seat/month (5 seat minimum)All Pro features, bulk pricing

Scribe Free Version



  • Basic plan limited to web apps and basic customization.
  • Advanced features like branded guides and comprehensive editing available only in paid plans.


  • Privacy and data security in handling sensitive information.
  • Learning curve for advanced customization features.
  • Compatibility across all desktop and mobile platforms.

Potential Future Developments

  • Integration with more platforms to enhance accessibility.
  • Advanced AI capabilities for even more intuitive guide generation.
  • Enhanced analytics for deeper insights into guide utilization and impact.

Curious to simplify your process documentation? Give Scribe a try and shift your focus back to the work that truly matters.

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