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Scite: Research Validation and Discovery Tool


Scite is a research tool designed to validate and discover scientific work through the analysis of citation statements. It offers a unique approach to understanding the impact and context of research by examining how newer publications cite previous ones.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Assistant: Provides answers from millions of full-text research articles to help with writing tasks.
  • Search: Allows users to search within citation statements for specific insights, enriched with metadata for comprehensive search results.
  • Custom Dashboards: Enables tracking of research trends and insights from selected groups of papers.
  • Reference Check: Assists in ensuring high-quality references in manuscripts.
  • Free Resources: Includes a browser extension and Zotero plugin to extend scite’s capabilities across the web and within personal reference libraries.

scite Platforms

  • Web app, Browser Extension

scite Tasks

  • Validate research through citation analysis
  • Discover relevant research articles and data
  • Generate insights from research trends
  • Ensure use of high-quality references

scite Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine you’re deep into writing a research paper on a complex topic like “Ego Depletion.” With scite, you can dive into the sea of existing literature and not just find papers that mention your topic, but understand how they’re cited – whether they support, contrast, or simply mention the hypotheses you’re interested in. This ability turns a daunting literature review into a navigable journey, helping you build a solid foundation for your argument or hypothesis.

For university students and professors, scite acts as a virtual research assistant, guiding them through the vast expanse of academic literature to find the gems that illuminate their work. Publishers, on the other hand, can use scite to enhance the visibility and credibility of their articles, supporting authors in the process.

And for a bit of humor: if you ever find yourself in a heated debate over the latest superhero movie’s scientific accuracy, scite could help you back your argument with real research, making you the superhero of citation showdowns at movie nights.

Who is scite for

  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Professors
  • Publishers

Pricing & Discount

Both plans come with a 7-day free trial.

scite Free version

Not available


  • Focuses primarily on scientific and academic research, limiting its use outside these fields.
  • The depth of analysis depends on the database’s coverage, which may not encompass all disciplines equally.


  • Data Privacy: Ensuring user research activities and data are kept confidential.
  • Usability: The advanced features may require a learning curve for new users.
  • Compatibility: Integration with existing research workflows and tools.
  • Cost: Subscription model might be a barrier for individual researchers or small institutions.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding database coverage to include more disciplines outside of sciences and humanities.
  • Integrating with more academic platforms and tools to streamline research workflows.
  • Enhancing AI capabilities to provide more nuanced insights into citation contexts.

Dive into your research with confidence. Explore scite today and discover the true impact of scientific work through the lens of citation analysis.

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