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Samplab: Advanced Audio Sampling and Editing


Samplab is a versatile tool designed for musicians, producers, and audio engineers, offering an innovative approach to manipulating audio samples. Its core functionality revolves around editing, adapting, and transforming samples with precision, leveraging AI technology to detect chords, match tempo and key, and split music into stems. Samplab provides users with the ability to make disparate samples work harmoniously together, enhancing creative possibilities and workflow efficiency within digital audio workstations (DAWs).

Features & Benefits

  • Polyphonic Note and Drum Editing: Modify time, pitch, duration, slice notes, add offsets, stretch notes, and change volume & pan for in-depth sample manipulation.
  • VST3/AU Plugin Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with your DAW, allowing for internal sample editing and synchronization with DAW tempo.
  • Chord Detection and Editing: Automatically identifies chord progressions and enables pitch shifting to desired chords, with exportable MIDI files.
  • Stem Separation: Splits audio into instrumental, drums, bass, and vocals with high-quality, cloud-based processing.
  • Audio to MIDI Conversion: Converts polyphonic notes and drums into MIDI, facilitating further editing in your DAW’s native piano roll.
  • Advanced Audio Warping: Offers sophisticated tools for transforming audio samples, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of creative needs.

Samplab Platforms

  • Windows (10 or higher)
  • MacOS (11 or higher)

Samplab Tasks

  • Edit polyphonic audio samples (notes and drums)
  • Adjust sample tempo and key automatically
  • Split audio into stems (instrumental, drums, bass, vocals)
  • Convert audio notes to MIDI
  • Integrate seamlessly with DAWs as a VST3 or AU plugin

Samplab Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Samplab is particularly beneficial across various music production and audio engineering fields. Music producers can use Samplab to craft unique samples, ensuring they fit seamlessly into their projects, regardless of the original key or tempo. Audio engineers may find Samplab invaluable for remixing and mastering, given its ability to separate stems and manipulate individual elements. Sound designers can exploit its advanced audio warping and MIDI conversion features for creating soundscapes and effects. Educators in music technology can leverage Samplab as a teaching tool, demonstrating sample manipulation and editing techniques. Podcast producers might use Samplab for editing music and sound effects within their episodes. Additionally, film and game audio professionals can utilize Samplab for scoring and sound design, tailoring existing audio to fit visual media. DJs and live performers can prepare and modify their samples for performances, ensuring a unique set. Independent artists and bands can use Samplab to experiment with their sound, adding texture and layers to their music without the need for extensive hardware.

Who is Samplab for

  • Musicians
  • Producers
  • Audio Engineers
  • Sound Designers
  • Music Educators
  • Podcast Producers
  • Film and Game Audio Professionals
  • DJs and Live Performers
  • Independent Artists and Bands

Pricing & Discount

BasicFreeUp to 10 seconds per audio, Mono audio
Premium$12.99/monthAny length audio (fair use), Stereo audio, Advanced controls

Samplab Free version

  • Available


  • The Basic plan limits audio editing to 10 seconds per file and mono output, which may not be sufficient for complex projects.
  • The requirement for an internet connection to upload new audio files for processing could be a constraint for users with limited or unreliable internet access.
  • The absence of a VST2 version might limit compatibility with older DAWs that do not support VST3 or AU plugins.


  • Data privacy could be a concern for users uploading proprietary or sensitive audio files to Samplab’s servers for processing.
  • The learning curve associated with mastering Samplab’s advanced features may be steep for beginners or those not familiar with digital audio editing.
  • Dependency on cloud-based processing for stem separation implies potential latency or downtime, impacting workflow efficiency.
  • Compatibility with only newer versions of Windows and MacOS could exclude users with older operating systems.

Potential Future Developments

  • Offline processing capabilities to alleviate reliance on an internet connection.
  • Introduction of a VST2 version or broader plugin compatibility to ensure usability across all DAWs.
  • Enhanced AI models for even more accurate chord detection and audio-to-MIDI conversion.
  • Expansion of the free plan to include longer audio samples and stereo output to attract more users.

Discover a new world of audio editing possibilities with Samplab today. Dive into the future of sampling and transform your music production workflow.

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