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Sales Stack: Enhancing Sales Communications with AI


Sales Stack is a suite of AI-powered sales communication applications designed to transform how businesses engage with clients and manage sales conversations. This comprehensive tool aims to support sales professionals, from solo entrepreneurs to large enterprises, in optimizing their communication strategies across various platforms including LinkedIn, email, and phone calls. By integrating advanced AI technologies, Sales Stack facilitates personalized, efficient, and effective sales interactions, ultimately aiming to convert conversations into revenue.

Features & Benefits

Sales Stack comprises several key applications, each offering unique features to enhance sales communication:

  • Lead Engager LE02:
    • Personalized LinkedIn InMails, Connection Requests, and Comments
    • Sales Specialized AI for higher response rates
    • Intention AI™ to maintain goal-oriented conversations
    • Continuity AI™ for contextual re-engagement
    • Deep LinkedIn Integration for seamless user experience
  • Pro Emailer:
    • AI-powered email summarization and prioritization
    • Gestural interface for quick email management
    • Compatibility with multiple email accounts and clients
    • SafeguardAI™ for email security
    • Precision writing with IntentionAI™
  • Audience Engager:
    • High-quality, contextualized LinkedIn post generation
    • Customizable content frameworks for personal stories, thought leadership, and strictly business topics
    • Integrated directly into LinkedIn for ease of use
  • Pro Caller:

Sales Stack Platforms

  • Chrome Browser (for Lead Engager LE02)
  • iOS, Android (for Pro Emailer)
  • LinkedIn (for Audience Engager)
  • Phone calls (for Pro Caller)

Sales Stack Tasks

  • Generate personalized LinkedIn communications
  • Summarize and prioritize emails
  • Generate high-quality LinkedIn posts
  • Recall important details from phone conversations

Sales Stack Integrations

  • LinkedIn
  • Multiple email accounts including Google and Outlook
  • CRM integration (for Pro plan subscribers)

Real-world applications

Sales Stack is versatile, catering to various industries such as technology, marketing, sales, healthcare, finance, and education. Its applications include:

  • Enhancing sales strategies by providing personalized communication tools.
  • Boosting productivity for sales teams with streamlined email management.
  • Facilitating content creation for marketing professionals aiming to establish thought leadership on LinkedIn.
  • Assisting customer service representatives in managing communication efficiently.
  • Supporting HR professionals in engaging potential candidates through personalized LinkedIn messages.
  • Enabling financial advisors to maintain consistent and secure communication with clients.
  • Helping educators and consultants to share valuable content and engage with their audience on LinkedIn.
  • Assisting healthcare professionals in reaching out to potential partners or clients with tailored messages.
  • Supporting entrepreneurs in building and maintaining relationships with prospects and customers.
  • Offering real estate agents tools to enhance their outreach and engagement strategies on social media.

Who is Sales Stack for

  • Sales professionals
  • Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Customer service representatives
  • HR professionals
  • Educators and consultants
  • Financial advisors
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Real estate agents

Pricing & Discount

Starter$99/moUnlimited access, AI Continuity
Pro$199/moCRM Integration, Team-wide tuning

Sales Stack Free version

Not available


  • The effectiveness can vary based on how well the AI is customized to individual users’ profiles and needs.
  • Currently supports primarily English communications, potentially limiting global reach.


  • Ensuring data privacy and security is crucial, given the sensitive nature of sales communications.
  • Users may need time to familiarize themselves with the AI’s capabilities and optimize its use for their specific requirements.

Potential Future Developments

  • Introducing multilingual support to cater to a wider global audience.
  • Expanding CRM integration options for enhanced workflow automation.
  • Developing advanced analytics tools to track and optimize the impact of AI-assisted communications.

Explore Sales Stack’s AI-powered tools to transform your sales communication strategies for better efficiency and results.

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