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Rosetta AI: An Overview

Rosetta AI user attribution for e-commerce


Rosetta AI is an automation tool designed to help businesses create detailed user profiles for better customer experiences and profitability. With a focus on user attribution, Rosetta AI integrates with top e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Cyberbiz, and EasyStore. It’s primarily a web-based platform used by over 2,000 enterprise and small-to-medium business websites to refine customer targeting and personalization.

Features & Benefits

  • Visual AI Preference Analytics: Delivers personalized recommendations and promotional widgets, based on real-time customer behavior.
  • Rosetta Traffic: Collects qualitative and quantitative data, optimizing for brand freshness and loyalty.
  • Rosetta Engagement: Features interactive marketing modules for diversified customer experiences.
  • Rosetta Convert: Enables drag-and-drop functionality for personalized product recommenders.
  • Rosetta Analytics: Comprehensive analytics including customer shopping behavior and product analytics.

Real-world Applications

Rosetta AI has applicability in e-commerce, retail, and digital marketing sectors. It can also benefit online-to-offline businesses by synchronizing user experiences across physical and digital storefronts. The platform’s engagement tools can be leveraged by industries looking to enhance customer retention, such as hospitality and subscription services.

Pricing & Discount

PlanMonthly TrafficMonthly PriceYearly Price
GrowthUp to 100K$199$179


  • Not suitable for businesses looking for a free solution.
  • The platform may have a steep learning curve for those unfamiliar with customer attribution concepts.


Potential concerns might include data privacy issues related to customer profiling, the platform’s compatibility with other e-commerce solutions, and its usability for non-technical users.

Potential Future Developments

Based on the current trajectory, Rosetta AI may further integrate with other marketing channels and adopt real-time analytics. Given user demands, it might also offer more scalable pricing options.

How to Use Rosetta AI

  1. Integration: Connect with your existing e-commerce platforms.
  2. Data Collection: Allow Rosetta AI to collect user data.
  3. Analysis & Application: Implement the actionable insights provided.

Best Practices for Rosetta AI

  • Regularly update customer profiles for accurate targeting.
  • Use A/B testing for different marketing campaigns.

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