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Respell: AI Automation for Business Efficiency


Respell is an AI-driven platform designed to automate tasks in sales, marketing, product development, and recruiting. It allows users to create AI-powered workflows, known as “spells,” to manage emails, leads, content generation, applicant screening, and more. Respell integrates seamlessly with existing tools, enabling users to build, customize, and automate complex workflows without coding.

Features & Benefits

  • All-In-One Platform: Combine AI models, triggers, and apps into custom workflows.
  • Ready-Made Spell Templates: Start quickly with pre-built templates or create spells from scratch.
  • Automate Complex Tasks: Use AI agents for research, natural language interactions, and phone calls.
  • Autopilot Workflows: Trigger spells from events, schedules, or bulk data.
  • Integrations: Works with Notion, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, Google, and more.

Respell Platforms

Web app

Respell Tasks

  • Automate emails
  • Qualify and manage leads
  • Generate branded content
  • Screen job applicants
  • Conduct research
  • Make phone calls
  • Schedule tasks
  • Bulk operations from spreadsheets

Respell Integrations

  • Notion
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier
  • Google

Real-World Applications

Respell enhances productivity across various domains. Sales teams can automate lead generation, scoring, and outreach, allowing them to focus on closing deals. Marketing departments can streamline content creation and campaign management, ensuring timely and relevant communications. Product teams can automate research and data analysis, accelerating product development cycles. Recruiting teams can use the AI app to screen applicants and schedule interviews, reducing time-to-hire. Imagine using Respell to automate your daily sales pipeline activities, ensuring no lead goes unnoticed, while personalized emails are sent automatically based on CRM data.

Who is Respell for

  • Sales teams
  • Marketing professionals
  • Product managers
  • Recruiting teams
  • Operations teams

Pricing & Discount

Free$025 Spell runs per month, build spells with Spell Studio or natural language.
Starter$19.99/month150 Spell runs per month, 1 workspace user, access to all integrations.
$14.99/month (annual)
Team$59.99/month500 Spell runs per month, unlimited workspace users, access to all agents, access to Data Stores (workplace search).
$44.99/month (annual)

Respell Free version



  • Free plan limited to 25 Spell runs per month.
  • Higher-tier plans required for more extensive automation and advanced features.


  • Data Privacy: Enterprise-grade security and SOC II compliance ensure data protection.
  • Usability: While user-friendly, there may be a learning curve for those new to AI automation.
  • Compatibility: Primarily a web app, which may not suit all workflows.
  • Cost: Advanced features and higher usage require paid plans, which might be high for small teams or individuals.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion of integrations with more enterprise tools.
  • Enhanced AI capabilities for more sophisticated task automation.
  • Additional customization options for spells and workflows.

Boost your business efficiency with Respell. Automate tasks, streamline workflows, and focus on what matters most. Start optimizing your operations with AI-powered spells today!

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