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RenderNet: Powerful AI Image Generator


RenderNet is an AI-powered tool designed to create consistent and realistic AI-generated images. It offers users control over character creation and image composition, making it suitable for various applications like game assets, avatars, and product photography. The platform offers a clean and intuitive UI with options for both beginners and advanced users.

Features & Benefits

  • FaceLock: Upload a photo to generate realistic AI characters with consistent faces.
  • ControlNet: Use source photos to control composition, outlines, character poses, and patterns.
  • ChangeIt: Easily modify images by typing instructions on what to change and what to change it to.
  • Multi-Model Generations: Run the same prompt across multiple models simultaneously.
  • Canvas: An advanced AI playground for generating and editing images with professional tools.

RenderNet Platforms

Web app

RenderNet Tasks

  • Create AI images
  • Generate AI characters with controlled and consistent appearances
  • Modify images based on user instructions
  • Generate images with specific composition and outlines
  • Run prompts on multiple AI models at once
  • Generate AI influencer photos
  • Generate AI headshots
  • Generate AI product photos
  • Create AI avatar
  • Create AI character

RenderNet Integrations

  • API (on request)

RenderNet AI Models

RenderNet offers a wide range of AI models, from photo-realism and art to cartoons and anime. At the date of writing this piece, the AI image generator includes the following models:

Cyber Realistic, Cyberdelia, Dark Sushi, Aitasai, COPAX Timeless XL, RPG, NextPhoto, NED, RealVisXL, Meina Pastel, JuggernautXL, MajicMix Fantasy, AniMerge, NewdawnXL, Absolute Reality, Analog Madness, AbyssOrangeMix, Meina Mix, Ghost Mix, AnimeGodXL, AniToon, UnstableDiffXL, Comic Book Style, PicX Real, CounterfeitXL, Plagion, Meina Alter, NightVisionXL, Real Cartoon, DynaVision XL, Dreamshaper XL, Dreamshaper, Anything v5 Ink, Western Anime, MysteriousXL, Serenity, Flat 2D Animerge, ProtoVision XL, Blazing Drive, AlbedoBaseXL, ICBINP, Meina Unreal, Realistic Vision, Epic Realism, Night Sky, AniVerse.

Real-world applications

RenderNet is beneficial for creating consistent AI-generated characters for various uses. Game developers can generate unique assets and avatars, ensuring character consistency across different game scenes. Influencers and content creators can produce high-quality, realistic images for social media and marketing. Fashion designers can create virtual models and headshots, showcasing their designs in different styles. RenderNet also supports product photography, allowing businesses to generate attractive images of their products with minimal effort.

RenderNet also supports AI influencers, allowing content creators to maintain a consistent virtual presence. In the fashion industry, designers can visualize and present their work on AI models with varying looks. Headshots for professionals or actors can be generated with different styles, ensuring a perfect match for their portfolio. Product photography can be enhanced with creative and consistent images for marketing materials.

Who is RenderNet for

  • Game developers
  • Content creators
  • Influencers
  • Fashion designers
  • Photographers
  • Marketers
  • Anyone interested in AI image generation

Pricing & Discount

Free$010 credits*/day
Starter$7/mo1k credits
Pro$15/mo10k credits
Max$3950k credits

*1 Credit = 1 Image generation

RenderNet Free version – Available

It’s great that users are given the option to use the AI image generator for free. This lets you generate 10 images daily!


  • Limited customization options in free plan
  • Requires understanding of AI tools for advanced features
  • No direct integrations with other software


  • Data Privacy: Ensure that user-uploaded photos are stored and used securely.
  • Usability: Some advanced features may have a learning curve.
  • Compatibility: Web app only, no mobile or desktop versions.
  • Cost: Higher plans might be expensive for casual users.

Potential Future Developments

To complement existing features, RenderNet could introduce several new functionalities:

  • Batch Processing: Allow users to upload multiple photos at once and apply consistent character generation and modifications across all images. This would save time for users who need to process large volumes of images.
  • Dynamic Background Replacement: Introduce a feature to automatically change backgrounds based on user preferences, enabling quick adjustments for various contexts such as marketing materials, social media, or product catalogs.
  • Enhanced Collaboration Tools: Implement features that allow multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously, facilitating teamwork among creative professionals.
  • Template Library: Create a library of customizable templates for different use cases, such as social media posts, advertisements, and product showcases, making it easier for users to get started with their projects.

RenderNet is a powerful tool for generating consistent AI images and characters, perfect for various creative industries. Try it to explore the endless possibilities for your projects!

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