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Remail: AI-Powered Email Assistant

Remail - Gmail AI assistant


Remail is an AI-powered extension for Gmail and Outlook, designed to streamline the process of drafting and sending emails. This tool is particularly useful for users who handle a large volume of emails daily and seek efficiency in their communication. Remail utilizes advanced AI algorithms to understand the context of email threads and generate high-quality, relevant responses. The extension is available for both personal and business use, offering a range of features tailored to improve email productivity and effectiveness.

Features & Benefits

  • One-Click Responses: This feature allows users to quickly compose replies, both positive and negative, with a single click, significantly reducing the time spent on drafting.
  • Custom Responses: Users can input a brief summary, and Remail generates a fully composed email, offering convenience and time-saving benefits.
  • Scheduling Links (PRO): Integration with scheduling tools like Calendly and Cron facilitates easy meeting scheduling within emails.
  • Tone Settings (PRO): Choose from 10 predefined tone options, ensuring that the email aligns with the desired sentiment and professionalism.
  • Reply with Sources (PRO): By uploading sources like FAQs and price sheets, Remail crafts responses based on these documents, enhancing accuracy and relevance.
  • Contextual AI: The AI understands the email thread context, ensuring that responses are pertinent and styled appropriately.
  • Multiple Options: Remail provides several response options, giving users the flexibility to choose the most suitable one.
  • Writer’s Block Solution: It assists in overcoming writer’s block by providing a first draft, helping to kickstart the email writing process.

Real-world Applications

Remail is valuable across various industries, particularly in customer service, sales, HR, and administration, where email communication is frequent. It’s beneficial for professionals who need to manage high volumes of emails efficiently. Additionally, educational institutions and non-profit organizations can leverage Remail for streamlined communication, enhancing productivity and response time.

e applied across various industries and professional contexts. The flexibility and time-saving benefits of the email assistant make it a valuable tool for anyone seeking to streamline their email writing process.

Pricing & Discount

Remail offers different pricing plans to accommodate various email usage needs. Here is an overview of the available plans:

PlanFeaturesMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Free– 25 emailsFree
Starter– 100 emails/month$5$50
Pro– 500 emails/month$19$190
Pro+– Unlimited emails$49$490


Remail might not fully grasp highly complex or technical email content, which could lead to less accurate responses. Additionally, the dependency on internet connectivity means users cannot leverage its features offline.


Users may have concerns regarding data privacy, as the tool accesses email content. However, Remail assures that it only processes emails for which a reply is generated. Compatibility with email clients other than Gmail and Outlook is also a limitation.

Potential Future Developments

Remail could expand to integrate with more email clients and incorporate machine learning to improve response accuracy. There’s also potential for enhanced customization options, allowing users to tailor responses more closely to their personal or brand style.

How to Use Remail

  1. Install Extension: Install Remail as an extension on your Gmail or Outlook.
  2. Compose Email: Click the Remail button when composing or replying to an email.
  3. Choose or Customize Response: Select from generated responses or customize as needed.
  4. Utilize Advanced Features (PRO): Use scheduling links, tone settings, and source-based replies for a more tailored experience.

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