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Reclaim: AI-Powered Scheduling Automation for Teams

Reclaim Calendar automation with AI


Reclaim is an AI-powered scheduling automation app designed to optimize time management for individuals and teams. Primarily integrated with Google Calendar, it facilitates efficient scheduling of meetings, tasks, habits, and breaks. Reclaim stands out by automatically finding the best times for various activities while keeping schedules flexible and prioritized according to the user’s needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Habits Tracking: Automates scheduling of regular activities, ensuring consistent time allocation for routine tasks.
  • Task Management: Links with project management tools, blocking time for tasks and increasing weekly productive hours.
  • Smart 1:1s: Facilitates one-on-one meeting scheduling, optimizing time spent in meetings versus planning them.
  • Scheduling Links: Offers advanced scheduling link tools, improving the availability of time slots for meetings.
  • Calendar Sync: Syncs multiple calendars, maintaining work-life balance and privacy.
  • Buffer Time: Automatically schedules breaks to prevent meeting fatigue and burnout.
  • Planner: Integrates tasks, habits, meetings, and breaks into a comprehensive daily plan.
  • Time Tracking: Analyzes time spent across various activities to maximize productivity.
  • People Analytics: Provides team analytics tools focusing on operational efficiency without intrusive monitoring.

Real-world Applications

Reclaim is beneficial across various industries:

  • Product Teams: Can use Reclaim for managing product roadmaps and auto-scheduling team meetings.
  • Sales Teams: Benefit from optimized meeting scheduling and time blocking for focused work.
  • Human Resources: Utilize Reclaim for preventing burnout and automating interview schedules.
  • Engineering Teams: Find value in integrating project management tools and defending no-meeting days.
  • Marketing Teams: Can schedule regular activities and analyze productivity stats.
  • Finance Teams: Utilize scheduling links and balance meetings with focused work.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice/User/MonthMax Users in TeamScheduling RangeConnected Calendars
LiteFree1 user3 weeks2
Starter$8Up to 10 users8 weeksUnlimited
Business$12Up to 100 users12 weeksUnlimited
Enterprise$18100+ users12 weeksUnlimited

Reclaim Free Version – Available


  • Currently tailored primarily for Google Calendar users, limiting its accessibility for users of other calendar services.
  • The complexity of features might require a learning curve for new users.


  • Data Privacy: While Reclaim emphasizes data security, users might be cautious about syncing personal calendars.
  • Usability: Integrating multiple tools and features could be overwhelming for some users.
  • Compatibility: Limited to Google Calendar, potentially hindering its use in environments where other calendar services are predominant.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion to support more calendar services like Outlook 365.
  • Enhanced usability through more intuitive interfaces.
  • Advanced integration capabilities with a wider range of third-party tools.

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