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Reachy: LinkedIn AI Prospection Co-Pilot


Reachy is a tool designed to optimize LinkedIn outreach and networking. By automating the search, connection, and messaging processes, it aims to expand your network, find new partners, hire talent, or increase sales. Reachy operates by managing multiple LinkedIn accounts to send connection requests and personalized messages, ensuring a broad yet targeted approach to professional networking.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated LinkedIn Outreach: Seamlessly manages multiple accounts to send unlimited connection requests without breaching LinkedIn’s daily limits.
  • Advanced Targeting Capabilities: Identifies prospects based on their activities and demographics on LinkedIn, facilitating more relevant connections.
  • Data-Rich Prospecting: Collects extensive data from LinkedIn to help users build their Ideal Customer Profile using a sophisticated knowledge graph.
  • Personalized Messaging: Utilizes the OpenAI GPT-4 model to craft and improve personalized messages, aiming for a higher engagement rate.
  • Deep Analytics: Offers insights into Ideal Customer Profile identification and segmentation, along with campaign benchmarking.

Reachy Platforms

  • Mac (including Apple Silicon version)
  • Windows

Reachy Tasks

  • Automated search, connection, and messaging on LinkedIn
  • Generation of personalized messages with AI assistance
  • Identification of prospects based on demographics and LinkedIn activity signals
  • Collection and analysis of extensive LinkedIn data points for prospecting
  • Campaign management with deep analytics and benchmarking

Reachy Integrations

  • LinkedIn & Sales Navigator
  • OpenAI (GPT-4 for message personalization)

Real-world applications

Reachy is versatile, serving industries that rely heavily on LinkedIn for business development, recruitment, sales, and networking. Its ability to automate and personalize outreach makes it invaluable for:

  • Recruitment Agencies: Streamlining the talent acquisition process by identifying and reaching out to candidates.
  • Sales Teams: Enhancing lead generation and sales outreach by targeting and connecting with potential clients.
  • Marketing Professionals: Building brand awareness and partnerships by expanding professional networks.
  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurs: Accelerating growth by finding investors, partners, and early adopters.
  • Consultants and Freelancers: Increasing visibility and securing new projects by connecting with relevant professionals.

Who is Reachy for

  • Recruiters
  • Sales professionals
  • Marketing executives
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (per month)LinkedIn AccountsContacts per CampaignOther Features
Free$0150All features included, Unlimited OpenAI prompts
Solo$912500All features + Export Contacts + Mail Support
Start-Up$2732500All features + Export Contacts + Mail Support
Scale-Up$6372500All features + Export Contacts + Phone Support
  • (2 months free with annual billing on all plans)

Reachy Free version



  • While Reachy automates outreach, the effectiveness still depends on the quality of the LinkedIn profiles and messaging strategy.
  • The free version limits users to 50 contacts per campaign, which may not be sufficient for larger scale outreach efforts.


  • Data Privacy: While Reachy emphasizes local execution for privacy, users may have concerns about sharing LinkedIn credentials.
  • LinkedIn Policies: Automated tools carry a risk of account restrictions, despite Reachy’s features designed to avoid such issues.
  • Technology Dependency: Reliance on a tool like Reachy may limit personal interaction, which is crucial for building genuine connections.

Potential Future Developments

  • Enhanced AI personalization features could further improve message relevance and engagement.
  • Integration with other professional networks or social platforms to broaden outreach capabilities.
  • More granular analytics and AI-driven insights into campaign performance and prospect engagement.

Reachy offers a unique approach to LinkedIn networking and outreach. By automating and personalizing the process, it provides users with a powerful tool to expand their professional network and achieve their business goals.

Give Reachy a try to see how it can streamline your LinkedIn outreach efforts.

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