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Reach: AI Assistant and Lead Monitoring

Reach AI email assistant and lead monitoring


Reach is an innovative platform that combines lead monitoring with AI-driven email personalization, specifically tailored for sales professionals. It’s designed to automate and enhance the process of engaging leads by monitoring multiple data sources for relevant triggers and generating personalized email content. As a web-based application, Reach streamlines lead engagement, making it more relevant and efficient.

Features & Benefits

  • Lead Monitoring Across Multiple Data Sources:
  • Tracks lead activities from sources like LinkedIn, Jobs, Tech Stack, and Company Websites.
  • Benefits: Provides a comprehensive view of lead behaviors, saving time and enhancing efficiency.
  • AI-Generated Personalized Email Content:
  • Creates tailored AI emails based on specific triggers identified.
  • Benefits: Increases the relevance and effectiveness of sales communication.
  • AI Insights for Enhanced Research:
  • Offers insights from various data sources for quicker and more informed lead research.
  • Benefits: Improves understanding of leads for more strategic sales approaches.
  • Relevance Scoring by AI:
  • Scores triggers in relation to the user’s value proposition.
  • Benefits: Assists in prioritizing leads with a higher potential for engagement.
  • Pipeline Optimization:
  • Delivers qualified prospects based on relevant sales triggers.
  • Benefits: Focuses on high-potential leads for more efficient pipeline development.
  • Tool Integrations:
  • Compatible with platforms like Slack, Outreach, Google Sheets, Hubspot, and Salesforce.
  • Benefits: Enables smooth integration with existing sales ecosystems.

Real-world Applications

Reach is ideal for Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives across various industries. It enables SDRs to target leads with higher engagement likelihood, prioritize accounts effectively, and accelerate pipeline filling. Account Executives can leverage the tool to boost deal progress, engage leads intelligently, and reactivate dormant leads at the right time. This tool is especially useful in sectors where sales processes are complex and require nuanced, personalized engagement.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice per MonthLeadsPersonalized MessagesFeatures
Starter$49200400Basic support, CRM & Email Sequence integrations
Growth$99400800Priority support, more integrations
Custom$89Bespoke solutions, admin seat, account manager

Annual subscriptions offer a 20% discount.


Reach’s effectiveness is closely tied to the quality of its data sources. Businesses not focusing on lead-based sales might find limited utility in this tool. Additionally, the AI-generated email content’s effectiveness can vary based on the sales context and lead profile.


Data privacy remains a key concern due to the tool’s access to extensive lead information. Compatibility with specific CRM or sales tools and the usability of its AI-generated content in different sales scenarios are potential challenges.

Potential Future Developments

Prospective enhancements for Reach could include more sophisticated AI for nuanced email personalization, broader CRM and sales tool integrations, and an improved user interface. Integrating predictive analytics for lead scoring and behavior prediction could significantly elevate its capabilities.

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