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QuizGecko: AI Quiz and Question Generation


QuizGecko is an AI-powered tool designed to generate questions for quizzes, tests, and exams across multiple languages. This platform allows users to create assessments from any text, including web pages and uploaded documents in formats such as PDF, DOC, and PPT. QuizGecko serves various stakeholders, including businesses, educators, and students, facilitating the creation, sharing, and analysis of educational content.

Features & Benefits

  • AI Question Generation: Automatically creates a variety of question types from imported content.
  • Benefit: Saves time and enhances content utility by converting existing material into interactive formats.
  • Language Support: Functions in multiple languages.
  • Benefit: Offers versatility for international use and for non-English speaking users.
  • Multiple Question Types: Supports multiple choice, true/false, short answer, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions.
  • Benefit: Provides flexibility to assess a range of knowledge and skills.
  • Customization: Adjusts quizzes to user specifications like timing and randomization.
  • Benefit: Tailors assessment difficulty and dynamics to the intended audience.
  • Ease of Sharing & Embedding: Facilitates distribution through URLs and embedding in LMS or blogs.
  • Benefit: Streamlines the sharing process and integrates with existing digital platforms.
  • Analytical Tools: Delivers auto-grading, feedback, and smart reports on performance.
  • Benefit: Offers insightful data on learner progress and identifies areas for improvement.

Real-world applications

QuizGecko has practical applications in education, business, and personal learning environments. Teachers can rapidly produce quizzes for classroom learning, while students can generate study aids customized to their learning needs. Businesses can create internal training materials and certifications, enhancing employee skills assessment with minimal effort. The tool’s ability to embed quizzes on websites makes it valuable for engaging customers or readers in various sectors.

Pricing & Discount


  • Create & share simple quizzes manually, without AI.

Basic – $24/month

  • Billed monthly
  • Buy Plan: Includes 200 responses per month, 20,000 character input, participant reports, basic chat support, exports, and access for 1 user.

Plus – $64/month

  • Billed monthly
  • Buy Plan: Offers all Basic features plus 1000 responses per month, 25,000 character input, and QuizGecko-branded quiz embeds.

Premium – $120/month

  • Billed monthly
  • Buy Plan: Adds to Plus with unlimited responses, support for up to 3 users, white-label quizzes, priority chat support, and 250 API calls.

Enterprise – From $500/month

  • Billed yearly
  • Buy Plan: Builds on Premium with customizable user numbers, character inputs, domain names, dedicated support, and full API access with custom rate limits.

All paid plans, except Enterprise, offer discounts when billed yearly.


  • Content Dependency: Relies on the quality and structure of the input text.
  • Language Nuances: May not fully capture the complexities of language in question generation.
  • User Learning Curve: Some users may need time to familiarize themselves with all features.


  • Data Privacy: Users may question the security of the text and data input into QuizGecko.
  • Usability: The breadth of features may overwhelm new users.
  • Compatibility: Ensuring seamless integration with all types of LMS can be challenging.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements may include advanced natural language processing to improve question generation accuracy, expanded language support, user interface improvements for ease of use, and increased integration capabilities with a wider range of LMS platforms and file types.

How to Use QuizGecko

  1. Creating a Quiz: Input text, URL, or upload files to generate questions.
  2. Customization: Select question types and configure quiz settings.
  3. Sharing: Distribute your quiz via link or embed into an LMS, website, or blog.
  4. Analyzing: Review auto-graded results and provide feedback.

Best Practices for QuizGecko

  • Use clear, factual text for optimal question generation.
  • Review and edit auto-generated questions for accuracy.
  • Utilize the custom settings to align with your assessment goals.

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