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QuickVid: AI Shorts Video Maker

QuickVid emerges as a generative AI tool specialized in transforming standard videos into short, engaging clips. It’s designed to cater to the needs of content creators by offering two distinct modes: CoPilot and AutoPilot, each tailored to different levels of user involvement in the video editing process.


QuickVid serves as a versatile tool for video content creators, offering an automated solution to convert longer videos into shorter, viral-worthy clips. It’s an AI-driven platform that simplifies the video editing process, making it accessible and efficient for users. Whether it’s for social media or YouTube shorts, QuickVid provides the necessary tools to enhance video content with minimal effort.

Features & Benefits

  • Auto-Subtitles: Automatically generates subtitles in various styles, enhancing the accessibility and appeal of videos.
  • Virality Score: Utilizes AI to assess the viral potential of video clips, aiding in maximizing content reach.
  • Smart Clip Discovery: AI-driven selection of the most engaging video segments, such as laughter or insightful commentary.
  • Dynamic Layout: Offers AI-assisted layout changes, allowing for dynamic video presentations.
  • Speaker Detection: Keeps focus on active speakers in the video, maintaining viewer engagement.
  • Generated Metadata: AI-generated titles and descriptions tailored to resonate with specific audiences.

QuickVid Tasks

  • Video content repurposing
  • Make short viral videos for social
  • Video dubbing and editing
  • Automatic subtitle generation
  • Content optimization for virality
  • Dynamic video layout adjustments
  • Active speaker detection in videos
  • AI-driven metadata generation

QuickVid Integrations


Real-world applications

QuickVid is a valuable AI tool that can enhance the marketing strategy of any brand. For digital marketers, it streamlines shorts creation for social media campaigns. In the entertainment sector, it aids in producing engaging short promotional clips. Educational institutions can use it to create concise educational content, while news outlets might find it useful for creating short news summaries. Additionally, gaming streamers can generate highlight reels easily, and corporate trainers can develop engaging training materials. Freelance video editors can enhance their efficiency, and influencers can maintain a consistent online presence with a constant stream of short viral videos be it Youtube shorts, Instagram reels or TikToks.

Who is QuickVid for

  • Digital Marketers
  • Content Creators
  • Educational Professionals
  • News Agencies
  • Gaming Streamers
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Freelance Video Editors
  • Social Media Influencers

Pricing & Discount

CoPilot$20.00Standard access, 200 mins processing, subtitles, etc.
AutoPilot$200.00Hands-off plan with automated features, premium support

QuickVid Free version

Not available


Users might experience limitations in processing minutes and resolution quality in the CoPilot plan. Also, the AutoPilot plan, while offering a hands-off experience, might not allow for highly personalized edits that some creators prefer.


Potential concerns include data privacy regarding uploaded content, the AI’s accuracy in selecting and editing clips, and compatibility with various video formats and social media platforms.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements might include increased video resolution, more personalized editing options in AutoPilot mode, and expanded AI capabilities for content analysis and enhancement. Integration with a broader range of social media platforms could also be anticipated.

How to Use QuickVid

  1. Upload your video or paste the video URL.
  2. Customize settings (subtitles, layout, etc.).
  3. Let QuickVid process and edit your video.
  4. Review and share your optimized short video clips.

Explore QuickVid and transform your video content into engaging, viral-ready clips effortlessly!

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