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QoQo: Enhancing UX Design with AI

QoQo AI UX companion


QoQo is an AI-powered tool designed to assist in the user experience (UX) design process. It aims to simplify and speed up the research and discovery stages for design agencies, internal teams, and freelancers. By leveraging research data quickly and efficiently, QoQo helps its users save time and effort, enabling them to produce insightful, meaningful designs without relying on guesswork or dummy text.

Features & Benefits

  • User Persona Creation: Automatically generates detailed user personas, helping designers understand their target audience’s goals, needs, motivations, frustrations, and tasks.
  • Journey Mapping: Facilitates the visualization of a user’s interaction with a product or service, highlighting critical touchpoints and opportunities for improvement.
  • Information Architecture: Assists in organizing and structuring content in a way that’s intuitive to users, enhancing overall usability.
  • Affinity Mapping: Supports the grouping of information into themes or categories, aiding in the identification of patterns and insights.
  • Chat Assistant: Provides real-time assistance, answering questions and offering guidance throughout the design process.
  • UX Copywriting: Helps generate user-focused text that enhances the user interface and overall experience.
  • Document Chat, Design Brief, User Interview, Discovery Questionnaire: Streamlines the creation of essential UX documents and tools, ensuring thorough preparation and research.
  • History & Clipboard Management: Keeps track of previous inputs and outputs for easy reference and reuse.
  • Integration with Figma: Offers seamless use within Figma, allowing for direct application of QoQo’s insights into design workflows.

QoQo Platforms

  • Web app
  • Figma plugin

QoQo Tasks

  • Generate user personas
  • Create journey maps
  • Organize information architecture
  • Perform affinity mapping
  • Assist with UX copywriting
  • Produce design briefs
  • Conduct user interviews
  • Create discovery questionnaires

QoQo Integrations

  • Figma

Real-world Applications

QoQo is particularly beneficial for design agencies, internal design teams, and freelancers focusing on UX design. It accelerates the user research phase, enabling faster progression to design and development stages. This AI tool is ideal for projects with tight deadlines or limited budgets, as it provides actionable insights without extensive manual research. Startups can use QoQo to enhance their MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) by incorporating user-centric design principles from the outset. Additionally, organizations without in-house UX expertise can leverage QoQo to improve their products’ usability and appeal. By facilitating easier collaboration between designers and clients, QoQo helps prevent budget overruns and ensures projects meet users’ real needs.

Who is QoQo for

  • Design agencies
  • Organizations and startups
  • Individual designers

Pricing & Discount


QoQo Free versionAvailable


  • Currently limited to integration with Figma, which may restrict users of other design tools.
  • The AI’s understanding may not fully grasp highly specific or niche contexts without qualitative publications.


Users might worry about the accuracy of AI-generated insights and the potential for bias, despite efforts to mitigate this. The reliance on a tool like QoQo requires a balance with traditional user research methods to ensure comprehensive and contextually relevant results. Data privacy is another concern, though QoQo assures that user research information is not shared or used for training without explicit consent.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion to other design platforms beyond Figma for broader accessibility.
  • Enhanced de-biasing techniques to further improve the quality and reliability of insights.
  • Advanced customization options to tailor the tool’s outputs more closely to specific project needs or user demographics.

Try QoQo today and streamline your UX design process with AI-powered insights.

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