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PromptMate: Bulk AI Query Processing

Promptmate bulk ChatGPT query via CSV


PromptMate is a versatile AI tool designed to streamline bulk query processing. It primarily functions as a batch processing utility, enabling users to run multiple queries efficiently using CSV uploads. It is not explicitly stated, but PromptMate appears to be a web-based application.

Features & Benefits

  • Bulk Query Processing: Users can process large volumes of queries simultaneously using CSV files.
  • Pro-Templates: Access to professional templates for various use cases.
  • External Data Integration: Incorporate external data into queries for enriched results.
  • Diverse AI Integration: Utilize AI services like ChatGPT, Google PaLM, and StabilityAI.
  • Multilingual Output: Offers the flexibility to select the output language.
  • Custom App Creation: Allows users to create and save tailored apps for repetitive tasks.

PromptMate Tasks

  • Generating product descriptions
  • Enhancing blog content
  • Improving product descriptions from reviews
  • Writing SEO-optimized snippets
  • Creating individualized emails
  • Categorizing content

PromptMate Integrations

  • ChatGPT
  • Google PaLM
  • StabilityAI
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Google Business Reviews
  • LinkedIn Profile Extender

Real-world applications

PromptMate is applicable across diverse industries, especially in fields that rely heavily on data processing and content generation. Marketing and SEO professionals can benefit from its bulk content creation and optimization features. E-commerce platforms can use it for generating product descriptions. It’s also suitable for content marketers and bloggers for enhancing blog content and SEO. Sales teams can leverage PromptMate for creating personalized email campaigns and prospecting on LinkedIn. Additionally, research teams can utilize it for market trend analysis and competitor research.

Who is PromptMate for

  • Marketers
  • SEO Professionals
  • E-commerce Managers
  • Content Creators
  • Sales Teams
  • Research Analysts

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice (€/Month)CreditsMax Rows in BulkSupport
Free010050Community Support
Starter91,000200Ticket Support
Friend3910,0001,000Ticket Support
Best Mate199

PromptMate Free version



  • Limited credits in the free version.
  • Maximum rows in bulk processing are capped, depending on the plan.
  • Reliance on external AI services may affect the versatility of outputs.


Potential user concerns might include data privacy, especially when processing sensitive information. The effectiveness of results may vary based on the quality of AI integration. Compatibility with various data formats could also be a concern.

Potential Future Developments

PromptMate might expand its AI integrations, enhance multilingual support, and increase bulk processing limits. Future developments could also include more advanced data privacy features and broader template offerings.

Ready to optimize your bulk query processing? Try PromptMate and experience streamlined AI-driven efficiency.

Meta Description: Discover PromptMate, the bulk AI query processor for efficient data handling and content generation. Ideal for marketers, content creators, and data analysts.

AITE Interview

We had the opportunity for a Q&A with Promptmate’s Michael Webber, to give us some insights. We hope you find it interesting!

Michael, what gave you the idea for Promptmate? How did it start?

At searchVIU we’re working since years with data. LLMs provide a new way to bring data to action. We’ve already done some semi-automated tasks for our customers and have seen the huge potential which this can bring to other users.

What are your big plans for Promptmate’s future? How do these plans fit with what’s happening in online marketing, SEO, and similar areas?

I see LLMs in the future in much processes to get automations to the next level. That’s where Promptmate can help. LLMs at the end will be an addition to the toolset in the online marketing and similar areas – and like it was in the past – who can work with the smartest tools can win the race.

Are you thinking about connecting Promptmate with other AI systems?

Yes sure – we have added different LLMs and with Stability AI a first image generating LLM – in the future we also see the integration

What were some hard parts in making Promptmate, and how did you solve them?

There where different hard things. Make it scalable to run much prompts, the UX of chaining prompts with different extenders. But thanks to the great team we were able to tackle this step by step.

Who is Promptmate made for? How does it meet their needs?

Everyone who thinks and works in processes and wants to speed them up. Combining structured data with prompts helps them to set up complex processes and create a simple App which can be used from others in the company.

Can you talk about how you plan to grow Promptmate and keep it fresh and exciting?

We will add Data extenders and Features all the time – with priority to the ones which our customers are needing. Soon it will be possible to embed our prompt-apps into other websites (e.g. intranets) and we’re thinking about other ways how we can help our customers to speed up their daily business.

Can you tell us about the people who helped you build Promptmate and how you worked together?

We’re a team of developers, content and marketing specialists from all over the world. We’re working remote and communicate mostly over slack and video conference.

Why is Promptmate different from other tools? What does it offer that others don’t?

There are so much great tools out there and i don’t know all. But i think the way how you can adapt/create processes with LLMs is unique and make promptmate that strong.

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