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Promptmate: ChatGPT bulk queries from CSV

Promptmate bulk ChatGPT query via CSV


Promptmate is a specialized AI tool designed to assist users in managing bulk queries using CSV files, providing streamlined functionality to enhance productivity. As a web-based platform, it combines ChatGPT, Stability AI and Google PaLM with spark processing and data capturing to generate fast, reliable results. The user-friendly interface and integration with various external data sources make Promptmate a unique solution for various industries.

Features & Benefits

Bulk Query Handling: Run multiple queries simultaneously through CSV uploads.

Advanced Prompt Creation: Utilize high-quality templates or create tailored prompts to meet specific requirements.

Integration with External Data: Enhance prompts with data from Google SERP, website content, social profiles, and more for up-to-date information.

Automated Complex Processes: Promptmate’s automation capabilities minimize manual tasks and enable complex, customized processes.

Pro-Templates: Access ready-to-go prompts for various applications including SEO, social media marketing, and content marketing. (Examples after the video)

Data Extenders: Integrate additional information through specialized data extenders such as Google Business Reviews, LinkedIn Profile Extender, and more. (Examples after the video)

Promptmate offers a comprehensive collection of public templates designed to streamline various processes within digital marketing, sales, and content creation. Explore the range of templates below:

Build Quality Backlinks with GUESTPOSTING

  • Category: Online Marketing / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Function: Enables the creation of high-quality backlinks through guest posting.

Write AD COPIES using Product Page URLs

  • Category: Online Marketing / Social Media Marketing
  • Function: Tailors ad copies utilizing product page URLs for targeted advertising.

Write BLOG TOPICS using Product Page URLs

  • Category: Online Marketing / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Function: Assists in generating SEO-friendly blog topics based on product URLs.

Write a PRODUCT DESCRIPTION based on the product’s feature list

  • Category: Online Marketing / Content Marketing
  • Function: Crafts engaging product descriptions using a product’s feature list.


  • Category: Online Marketing / Content Marketing
  • Function: Analyzes competitors to identify target audience and buyer persona.

LINKEDIN Prospecting Automation

  • Category: Sales / Customer Acquisition
  • Function: Automates LinkedIn prospecting to enhance customer acquisition efforts.

SOCIAL MEDIA Automation Using Website URL

  • Category: Online Marketing / Social Media Marketing
  • Function: Streamlines social media processes using website URLs.

SERP Intent and Content-based TITLE & DESCRIPTION Generator

  • Category: Online Marketing / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Function: Generates titles and descriptions aligned with SERP intent and content.

These templates on Promptmate cater to an array of professional needs within the marketing, sales, and SEO domain. By utilizing these ready-to-use solutions, users can significantly enhance efficiency, precision, and effectiveness in their respective fields.

These Data Extenders are innovative tools that magnify your Queries/Prompts by accessing information from various sources. Each has unique attributes designed to serve specific needs.

  • Generic Content Extender
    • Function: Extracts comprehensive content from various websites.
    • Application: Ideal for content marketers, researchers, and analysts seeking real-time information from web pages.
  • Generic Product Extender
    • Function: Retrieves detailed product data from E-Commerce Product pages.
    • Application: A perfect tool for e-commerce businesses and retail analysts to gain insights into product specifications, pricing, and availability.
  • Google Ads Search Volume
    • Function: Returns the search volume for a keyword or a list of keywords from Google Ads.
    • Application: Vital for SEO specialists and digital marketers analyzing keyword popularity for strategic planning.
  • Google Business Reviews
    • Function: Gathers reviews of a Google business.
    • Application: Businesses seeking to understand customer feedback and reputation management can benefit from this extender.
  • Google Maps Search
    • Function: Delivers the result of a Google Maps search.
    • Application: Real estate professionals, logistics companies, or travel enthusiasts can utilize this tool for location-specific insights.
  • Google Organic SERP Extractor
    • Function: Extracts precise data from Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for a specific keyword.
    • Application: SEO strategists and content creators can use this to understand search engine performance and competition.
  • LinkedIn Profile Extender
    • Function: Returns the comprehensive data from LinkedIn profiles.
    • Application: Particularly useful for recruiters, B2B marketers, and sales professionals seeking in-depth information about potential clients, candidates, or partners.

Each Data Extender has been meticulously designed to cater to various professional needs, providing accurate, on-demand information that can significantly enrich the user’s queries or prompts. Their utilization can enhance decision-making, strategic planning, and competitive positioning in various industries.

Real-world applications

Promptmate can be particularly beneficial for industries focusing on online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, sales, and customer acquisition. Its ability to integrate various data sources and run bulk queries makes it a versatile tool for professionals in these fields.

Promptmate Scenarios

These scenarios showcase the breadth and depth of Promptmate’s capabilities across various industries and functional areas, highlighting its versatility and effectiveness in diverse real-world applications.

Writing Product DescriptionsFor a fashion e-commerce site, Promptmate automates the creation of detailed product descriptions for a new line of clothing, extracting specifications from URLs and integrating them into customized, SEO-friendly content.

Generating Ad CopiesA digital marketing agency utilizes Promptmate to generate creative ad copies for a sports equipment brand’s Google Ad campaign. By importing product page URLs and using predefined templates, multiple engaging ad copies are quickly crafted.

Building Quality Backlinks: An SEO company employs Promptmate to build quality backlinks for an organic skincare blog. By using templates for guest posting and incorporating specific keywords, they can create targeted content that enhances the site’s SEO ranking.

Automating Social Media Posts: A food blogger uses Promptmate to automate weekly social media posts across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By linking to their latest recipes, they create tailored posts that drive engagement and traffic to their website.

Extracting Competitor DataA tech startup uses Promptmate to analyze their competitors’ customer reviews, extracting insights on user satisfaction, common complaints, and feature requests. The analysis helps them enhance their product development strategy.

SERP Intent AnalysisAn SEO specialist at a travel company employs Promptmate to perform SERP intent analysis on popular travel destinations. By understanding search intent, they can generate tailored titles and descriptions for landing pages that match user needs.

LinkedIn Prospecting AutomationA B2B sales team uses Promptmate to automate LinkedIn prospecting for a new software solution. By setting specific filters such as industry, job title, and company size, they can target potential clients more effectively.

Automating Google Map SearchesA real estate firm leverages Promptmate to automate Google Map searches for newly listed properties in a desired neighborhood. The tool enables them to gather property details and present them to potential buyers more swiftly.

Monitoring Google Business ReviewsA chain of coffee shops uses Promptmate to monitor and analyze Google business reviews across various locations. By tracking customer feedback, they can implement improvements and maintain a positive reputation.

SEO Content GenerationA fitness blogger utilizes Promptmate to write SEO-optimized blog posts on trending workout routines. By extracting information from popular fitness product pages, they can create content that resonates with their audience and ranks well on search engines.

Automated Market ResearchA consumer electronics manufacturer uses Promptmate to conduct market research on competing products. By extracting specifications, pricing, and features, they can position their products more competitively in the market.

Content Translation and LocalizationA global software company leverages Promptmate to translate and localize content for different regional markets. By integrating with translation tools, they can ensure that marketing materials resonate with local audiences.

Customer Feedback AnalysisA hospitality business employs Promptmate to systematically analyze customer feedback from online review sites. This helps in identifying areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement in their services.

Influencer Partnership AutomationA cosmetic brand uses Promptmate to identify and engage potential social media influencers for collaborations. By analyzing followers, engagement rates, and content alignment, they can build successful marketing partnerships.

Regulatory Compliance CheckingA pharmaceutical company uses Promptmate to automate the checking of regulatory compliance across different markets. By integrating legal databases, they can ensure all products meet local regulations.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceCreditsRows in BulkSupport
Best Mate€199/mo100,00010,000Personal


  • Dependency on External Data: While it allows integration with external data, any changes or disruptions to these sources may affect functionality.
  • Complexity in Prompt Creation: For non-tech-savvy users, creating tailored prompts may present a learning curve.



  • Data Privacy: Users might have concerns about the security and privacy of the data they upload to Promptmate, especially when integrating external data sources.
  • Usability: Users might face challenges in navigating the tool’s features and effectively utilizing data extenders, which could impact their experience.
  • Compatibility: Promptmate’s compatibility with different AI platforms and data sources may vary, leading to potential integration issues.

Potential Future Developments

Looking ahead, Promptmate could:

  • Expand AI model integration for broader use cases.
  • Offer more specialized data extenders catering to specific industries.
  • Enhance user onboarding and educational resources to address usability concerns.

AITE Interview

We had the opportunity for a Q&A with Promptmate’s Michael Webber, to give us some insights. We hope you find it interesting!

Michael, what gave you the idea for Promptmate? How did it start?

At searchVIU we’re working since years with data. LLMs provide a new way to bring data to action. We’ve already done some semi-automated tasks for our customers and have seen the huge potential which this can bring to other users.

What are your big plans for Promptmate’s future? How do these plans fit with what’s happening in online marketing, SEO, and similar areas?

I see LLMs in the future in much processes to get automations to the next level. That’s where Promptmate can help. LLMs at the end will be an addition to the toolset in the online marketing and similar areas – and like it was in the past – who can work with the smartest tools can win the race.

Are you thinking about connecting Promptmate with other AI systems?

Yes sure – we have added different LLMs and with Stability AI a first image generating LLM – in the future we also see the integration

What were some hard parts in making Promptmate, and how did you solve them?

There where different hard things. Make it scalable to run much prompts, the UX of chaining prompts with different extenders. But thanks to the great team we were able to tackle this step by step.

Who is Promptmate made for? How does it meet their needs?

Everyone who thinks and works in processes and wants to speed them up. Combining structured data with prompts helps them to set up complex processes and create a simple App which can be used from others in the company.

Can you talk about how you plan to grow Promptmate and keep it fresh and exciting?

We will add Data extenders and Features all the time – with priority to the ones which our customers are needing. Soon it will be possible to embed our prompt-apps into other websites (e.g. intranets) and we’re thinking about other ways how we can help our customers to speed up their daily business.

Can you tell us about the people who helped you build Promptmate and how you worked together?

We’re a team of developers, content and marketing specialists from all over the world. We’re working remote and communicate mostly over slack and video conference.

Why is Promptmate different from other tools? What does it offer that others don’t?

There are so much great tools out there and i don’t know all. But i think the way how you can adapt/create processes with LLMs is unique and make promptmate that strong.

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