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PromptFlix: Shorts AI Video Generator


PromptFlix is a web based AI video generator for short videos. It allows you to turn your ideas into shorts by simply describing what you have in mind. You provide a description, and it delivers a complete short film with a storyline, visuals, and soundtrack.

Features & Benefits

  • AI-Generated Scripts: Takes your prompt and crafts a complete video script with dialogue, scenes, and plot twists.
  • Custom Visuals & Soundtracks: Generates visuals and soundtracks that fit the film’s mood and theme.
  • Quick Turnaround: Quickly produces a professionally made short video from your prompt.

How It Works

Creating a short film with PromptFlix is straightforward, involving just a few steps:

  1. Submit Your Idea: Start by typing a brief description of your idea into PromptFlix. This could be anything from a story concept, a lesson topic, or just a scene you imagine.
  2. AI Crafts Your Script: The AI takes your description and crafts a detailed script. This includes dialogue, scene descriptions, and the plot outline, turning your idea into a structured story.
  3. Visuals Are Created: With the script as its guide, the AI then generates visuals. These can range from animations to simulated live-action scenes, depending on the content and style of your film.
  4. Music and Sound: Alongside visuals, the AI selects or composes a soundtrack that matches the tone and pace of your story. Sound effects may also be added to enhance the viewing experience.
  5. Final Film Delivery: Once the script, visuals, and soundtrack are combined, your short film is rendered. The final product is a cohesive short film, ready to watch and share.

This process eliminates the need for technical filmmaking skills, allowing anyone to bring their stories or ideas to visual life.

PromptFlix Platforms

  • Web app

PromptFlix Tasks

  • Generate short video from description
  • Generate script for short video
  • Generate visuals for short video
  • Generate soundtrack for short video

PromptFlix Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

PromptFlix can be used in several ways, reflecting the versatility of AI in video creation. Educators might find it useful for converting lesson plans into visually engaging stories, helping students understand complex topics through short films. Content creators and marketers could use it to quickly generate video content from simple ideas, enhancing their online presence or advertising campaigns. Additionally, individuals with creative concepts can see their stories come to life, offering a new medium for storytelling without requiring technical skills in filmmaking. The AI video generator opens up possibilities for anyone looking to explore video creation, from educational purposes to marketing and personal storytelling.

Who is PromptFlix for

  • Filmmakers
  • AI enthusiasts
  • Content creators
  • Educators
  • Marketing professionals

Pricing & Discount


PromptFlix Free version

Not available


At present the AI video generator can create only documentaries and mockumentaries. Future updates aim to add more variety, including:

  • Blockbusters
  • 3D Animated films
  • TV Shows
  • Anime
  • Advertisements


  • Data privacy in content generation
  • Limited genre availability
  • Learning curve for AI prompts
  • Cost for frequent users

Potential Future Developments

Expanding the platform to include genres like 3D animation, TV shows, anime, and advertisement formats could greatly enhance its appeal. Also, introducing a tool for customizing the AI-generated soundtracks would allow for even more personalized storytelling.

Create your short video with AI today at PromptFlix, where your imagination is the only limit

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