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PromptAI: AI Girl Image Generator on Mobile

PromptAI is a mobile application designed to create and customize AI-generated images of girls, offering users a unique blend of technology and creativity. With this app, you can bring to life your ideal AI companion in various styles, including Anime, Photorealistic, and Hyperreal. It’s the go-to tool for those looking to explore the boundaries of AI-generated art through easy customization and a vast library of options.

Features & Benefits

  • Create AI Girls: Generate AI girls in styles like Anime, Photorealistic, and Hyperreal using advanced AI technology.
  • Customize AI Girls: Fine-tune details of AI-generated images with simple editing tools.
  • Explore AI Girls: Access a community-driven library with over 2 million AI girls. Clone and customize any image.
  • Limitless Generation: There’s no cap on the creativity or the number of AI girls you can create.
  • AI Character Creation: Upload a photo, describe a scenario, and get a lifelike AI character in various art styles.


  • Android, iOS


  • Generate image
  • Customize image
  • Explore AI-generated images


  • n/a

Real-world applications

PromptAI serves a wide array of users, from digital artists to content creators, looking to incorporate unique, AI-generated female characters into their projects. It’s particularly beneficial for those in the gaming industry, creating characters for new games or enhancing the visual content of existing ones. Graphic designers can use PromptAI to quickly draft concept art or visual ideas without needing to sketch from scratch. Marketing professionals might find it useful for creating eye-catching visuals for campaigns, especially when targeting younger, tech-savvy audiences. Additionally, hobbyists or AI enthusiasts who wish to explore the capabilities of AI in art and design will find PromptAI an accessible platform to start with. The app’s simplicity and range of options make it a practical tool for anyone interested in personalized digital art creation.

Who is PromptAI for

  • Digital Artists
  • Content Creators
  • Game Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Educators
  • Marketing Professionals
  • AI Enthusiasts
  • Hobbyists

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice Range
Monthly$11.99 – $26.99
Credit PackagesVaried

PromptAI Free version – Not available


  • Limited to mobile platforms, which might restrict users who prefer working on desktops for intricate editing.
  • The breadth of styles and customization may depend on the ongoing development and updates of the app.
  • The app’s reliance on user-generated content might result in variability in the quality and style of available images.


Users might have concerns about the ethical implications of creating AI-generated images of people, especially regarding consent and the use of such images. Data privacy is another crucial aspect, as users will be uploading and modifying images within the app. The cost may also be a barrier for some users, especially if they’re looking for casual use or a one-time project. Additionally, navigating the vast library effectively to find or customize the desired image could be overwhelming for new users without proper guidance or intuitive search functionalities.

Potential Future Developments

Improvements could include desktop support or a web-based version to cater to a broader user base. Enhancing AI algorithms for more diverse and inclusive image generation would be beneficial. Introducing more detailed customization options and styles could also enhance user experience. Developing a community feature for sharing, feedback, and collaboration might enrich the app’s ecosystem. AI charachter creation and interaction is also something to be considered.

Explore the creative possibilities with PromptAI and bring your ideal AI girl to life today.

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