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Promotee: AI Reddit Lead Generation Tool


Promotee is a tool designed to automate the process of finding and engaging potential customers on Reddit. By using AI, it helps users connect with more people and increase their chances of getting replies.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Reddit Accounts: Manage several accounts to extend outreach.
  • SubRedd Campaigns: Find leads in subreddits with specific keywords.
  • Magic Dms: Send personalized messages automatically.
  • Auto Engage: Use AI to create engaging comments.
  • Viral Post Maker: Craft posts likely to go viral in subreddits.
  • Keyword Monitoring: Track mentions of specific keywords and get alerts.
  • Engage: Get suggestions on posts to engage with for better visibility.
  • Team Invites: Collaborate by inviting team members.
  • CRM: Track progress and manage leads effectively.
  • Leads List: Organize potential leads easily.
  • Import Leads: Bring in leads from external files (.xlsx).
  • Modern Reddit Inbox: An upcoming feature to enhance inbox usability.

Promotee Platforms

  • Web app

Promotee Tasks

  • Generate leads from Reddit using targeted keywords.
  • Engage potential customers with AI-generated comments and messages.
  • Send personalized direct messages at scale.
  • Monitor Reddit for specific keyword mentions.
  • Manage multiple Reddit accounts.

Promotee Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Promotee shines in scenarios where businesses aim to tap into Reddit’s vast community for potential leads. For instance, a tech startup can use Promotee to identify and engage with users discussing related challenges, offering solutions directly through personalized messages. An agency looking to expand its client base can monitor specific subreddits for mentions of related services and engage with prospects in real-time.

For a bit of fun, imagine a local pizza place using Promotee to find and engage with Reddit users debating the best pizza in town. With each mention of pizza, the tool could chime in with a witty, personalized invite to try their signature dish, potentially even offering a Reddit-exclusive discount. Who knows, it might just spark the next viral debate on the best pizza, with the shop at the center of it all!

Who is Promotee for

  • Businesses looking for B2B leads
  • Marketers aiming to expand their reach
  • Agencies seeking more clients
  • Individuals wanting to increase their engagement on Reddit

Pricing & Discount

Auto Engage$7/month/accountAccess to auto-engage, unlimited accounts, AI autopilot
Pro Plan$99/monthAccess to all features, unlimited leads and DMs, priority support

Promotee Free version

Not available


  • Focuses solely on Reddit, not covering other social platforms.
  • Upcoming features like the Modern Reddit Inbox are not yet available.


  • Potential for spam with automated messages if not used responsibly.
  • Dependence on Reddit’s platform rules and regulations.
  • Learning curve to effectively utilize all features.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expanding to include other social media platforms for a broader reach.
  • Integration with email marketing tools for seamless communication outside of Reddit.
  • Enhanced analytics to track engagement and conversion rates more effectively.

Explore Promotee to streamline your Reddit marketing efforts and connect with your audience more effectively.

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