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Perfect Essay Writer: Your AI Assistant for Academic Writing

Perfect essay writer ai

Perfect Essay Writer is a specialized AI writing tool, designed to help individuals in creating well-structured, detailed essays, catering to the academic needs of students and professionals alike. Let’s see if features it offers justify the bold name.

Features & Benefits

Let’s delve into the key features of Perfect Essay Writer and how they contribute to its value proposition.

Essay Writing Tool

The centerpiece of Perfect Essay Writer is its AI-driven Essay Writing Tool. You can choose from various essay types, including:

  • Argumentative
  • Descriptive
  • Expository

The flexibility in accommodating different academic levels and content length makes it a versatile tool for everyone from high school students to doctoral candidates.


The choice of templates simplifies and enhances the essay creation process. Here are some of the available templates:

Essay Outliner: This feature organizes thoughts and ideas, laying out a structured plan for your essay. It helps with the ideation phase and streamlines the writing process, making it easier to focus on the content.

Essay Templates: The tool offers pre-built templates for different types of essays. Each template provides clear guidance on structure and content. Examples include Argumentative, Descriptive, Expository, and Narrative essay templates.

Essay Topic Generator: Struggling to decide on a topic for your next assignment? This feature quickly generates a variety of essay topics based on your field of study or interest.

Thesis Statement Generator: This AI-powered tool helps users craft persuasive thesis statements effortlessly. A well-articulated thesis statement can set the tone for a compelling essay.

Personal Statement Writer: Perfect for crafting memorable statements for college or job applications. It tailors

AI-Powered Content Rewriter

Perfect Essay Writer also houses an AI-Powered Content Rewriter, designed to paraphrase and rephrase content, ensuring the core meaning remains intact. This feature comes in handy when you’re trying to avoid plagiarism or simply reworking an existing piece of text to improve its readability and style.

Citation Generator

The tool’s Citation Generator is a godsend for academic writers who must follow strict citation guidelines. This feature supports multiple citation styles, including APA and MLA, simplifying the often laborious task of citation creation.

AI-Based Essay Grading Tool

The AI-Based Essay Grading Tool is designed to provide comprehensive evaluations for your essays. It offers constructive feedback on essential elements like structure, clarity, and grammar, providing insights to improve your writing style and articulation over time.

Plagiarism Detection Tool

Ensuring the authenticity of your work is crucial in academic writing, and that’s where the Plagiarism Detection Tool comes into play. This advanced feature scrutinizes your text for any potential plagiaristic content, thus safeguarding your work’s originality.

Essay Writing Service

For those seeking personalized assistance, Perfect Essay Writer extends an Essay Writing Service. Here, professional writers lend their expertise to help craft the perfect essay tailored to your specific needs.


Interactivity is at the heart of Perfect Essay Writer. The platform features an interactive chat where users can pose various questions related to essay writing. It could be about suggesting an essay topic, structuring an essay, or reviewing for grammar and sentence structure. The chat function ensures the AI tool can be as helpful as possible.

Real-world Applications

Perfect Essay Writer finds its use across a variety of real-world scenarios:

  • Academic Writing: Students can use it to create term papers, research papers, and dissertations, making it a valuable asset during their academic journey.
  • Content Creation: Professionals can leverage the tool to generate content for blogs, articles, and other forms of digital content.
  • Skill Enhancement: It can also be used as a learning tool to improve one’s grammar and structuring skills.


Perfect Essay Writer offers both monthly and annual subscriptions, each with different pricing tiers. It also provides a free trial for users to test the tool’s capabilities before making a commitment. Interestingly, specific pricing details for the services are not explicitly stated on their website. It’s advisable to directly contact customer support for precise pricing information.

Refund & Cancellation Policies

Perfect Essay Writer lays out detailed refund and cancellation policies for both subscriptions and writing services. The refund policy for subscriptions applies only to the subscription fee and is valid within seven days of the initial purchase. Meanwhile, the refund policy for writing services varies based on whether an order is cancelled before or after a writer is assigned. Compensation for late delivery and quality issues is also addressed in their refund policies.

Notably, the platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, wherein the customer can request a full reimbursement if the service is unable to meet the specified requirements or timeline.


While Perfect Essay Writer offers numerous benefits, there are limitations. For instance, it may lack the nuanced understanding of context and tone that a human writer would possess. Moreover, despite providing grammar correction, the tool may not catch all errors, especially those related to context or idiomatic expressions.


Notwithstanding its extensive features, Perfect Essay Writer currently seems to lack publicly announced pricing structure, which may lead to confusion or hesitation among potential users.

Another notable detail is the disclaimer they have which states that the content generated by the plaform is for “learning” purposes and users should not submit it as original work. The Terms of Service also specify that the users are solely responsible if any problems arise from the content generated on the AI writing platform.

Potential Future Developments

Looking to the future, Perfect Essay Writer may incorporate a multilingual feature as at the moment only English supported.

How to Use Perfect Essay Writer

Users can start by inputting their writing prompt, specifying the required length and other personalization options. Once the essay is generated, users can review, edit, and finalize it for their use.

Best Practices for Perfect Essay Writer

When using Perfect Essay Writer, always review and edit the generated content to ensure it matches your requirements and context. Furthermore, use the tool as a complement to your own writing skills, rather than a replacement.

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