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Perci: Amazon AI Listing Optimization


Perci is an AI tool for Amazon sellers designed to help improve product rankings on platforms like Amazon and Walmart. It focuses on finding the best keywords for your products, generating optimized listings, and offering translation services to reach international markets. Perci is built specifically for eCommerce, aiming to make your listings more visible and attractive to potential buyers.

Features & Benefits

  • Keyword Discovery: Perci helps you find optimal keywords for Amazon, allowing you to sort and filter them efficiently.
  • Listing Optimization: Integrates keywords throughout your listing to improve visibility and traffic.
  • Market Expansion: Offers translation services for listings in foreign markets like Mexico, Germany, and Spain, and adapts Amazon listings for Walmart.
  • Content Generation: Creates A+ Content and supports bulk listing generation.
  • Compliance and Quality Checks: Alerts for restricted phrases and provides a listing score to highlight common problems, automatically rewriting listings to meet high standards.
  • Tracking: Includes a daily organic keyword tracker to monitor your rank improvements.

Perci Platforms

  • Web app

Perci Tasks

  • Generate optimized listings for Amazon and Walmart
  • Find and integrate the best SEO keywords into listings
  • Translate listings for international markets
  • Generate A+ Content and Walmart-specific listings
  • Create bulk listings for numerous products
  • Alert users to restricted phrases and common listing issues

Perci Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine launching a new product and wanting to ensure it reaches as many eyes as possible on Amazon. Perci steps in to find the perfect keywords, weaves them into your listing, and even helps translate it for international markets. Now, your product isn’t just visible; it’s a global contender.

Or, picture having a portfolio of products that need to be updated with the latest SEO strategies. Perci can optimize all your listings in bulk, saving you countless hours and significantly improving your rankings.

In a humorous twist, imagine if Perci could optimize listings for garage sales. Suddenly, your old lamp and vintage records are the talk of the town, with people flocking from miles around, guided by the unbeatable keywords “retro chic” and “vintage vibes.”

Who is Perci for

  • eCommerce business owners
  • Marketers specializing in Amazon and Walmart
  • SEO specialists
  • Product managers looking to expand into new markets

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceListings/MonthKeyword TrackingAdditional Features
Starter$24/month620 dailyKeyword Wizard
Pro$79/month20100 dailyKeyword Wizard, A+ Content, Walmart Listing
Business$149/month501000 dailyKeyword Wizard, A+ Content, Walmart Listing, Bulk listing

Perci Free version

Not available


  • Limited listings and keyword tracking in lower-tier plans.
  • Bulk listing generation only available in the Business plan.


  • The need for continuous keyword optimization may require ongoing investment.
  • Translation accuracy for international markets could vary.
  • Dependence on accurate SEO research for effectiveness.

Potential Future Developments

Adding a feature for automated seasonal keyword updates could greatly benefit users by keeping their listings relevant year-round. Integration with other eCommerce platforms like eBay or Etsy could also expand Perci’s utility. Another useful option would be to have an Amazon product photography enhancement feature.

Discover how Perci can optimize your eCommerce listings for Amazon and Walmart, making your products more visible and attractive to potential buyers.

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