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Pebbley: Product Photography AI


Pebbley is an AI tool designed to enhance product images for marketing purposes. It transforms regular product photos into engaging visuals suitable for various digital platforms. By automating the process of background removal, adding perfect lighting, shadows, and reflections, Pebbley simplifies creating high-quality product images.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Background Removal: Pebbley can detect and erase the background from product images, focusing attention on the product.
  • Customizable Themes: Offers 20 default themes for quick selection or allows custom inputs for desired backgrounds.
  • Multi-Use Image Generation: Produces different versions of product images for use across marketing channels like websites, emails, and social media.
  • Image Resizing and Extension: Enables users to resize images for various content formats, including Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and email banners.
  • AI-Powered Editing: Beyond generation, Pebbley serves as a design tool allowing for detailed edits, including adding multiple products, editing images, and reusing backgrounds.
  • High-Quality Downloads: Offers the option to download images in high resolution, up to 2048X2048, ensuring clarity and detail preservation.
  • API Access: Provides API integration for automated workflows and batch processing, enhancing productivity for developers and large-scale projects.

Pebbley Platforms

  • Web app

Pebbley Tasks

  • Remove image backgrounds
  • Generate high-quality product images
  • Resize images for different marketing materials
  • Edit images with AI (adjustments, object removal, etc.)
  • Create images with multiple products
  • Reuse backgrounds for various products

Pebbley Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Pebbley benefits a wide range of industries by offering a streamlined solution for producing high-quality product images. E-commerce platforms can utilize AI product photography to showcase their products in the best light, attracting more customers. Marketing agencies may find the platform useful for creating diverse advertising materials quickly. Social media managers leverage Pebbley to maintain an engaging and visually appealing online presence. Graphic designers use Pebbley to expedite the design process for campaigns. Small business owners benefit from the fast AI product photography by creating professional images without the need for expensive photography equipment or software. Online retailers improve their product listings with better visuals. Content creators can produce varied content for their channels efficiently. Brands looking to maintain a consistent aesthetic across all marketing channels can achieve this with ease. Photographers can use Pebbley to add to their toolkit for quick editing needs. Startups find Pebbley invaluable for establishing a strong visual brand identity from the outset.

Who is Pebbley for

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Marketing agencies
  • Social media managers
  • Graphic designers
  • Small business owners
  • Online retailers
  • Content creators
  • Brands
  • Photographers
  • Startups

Pricing & Discount

FreeUS$040 images/month, 1024×1024 images, 20 background themes
BasicUS$19/month1,000 images/month, Up to 2048×2048, Custom backgrounds, Edit images, Multi-product images, Reuse backgrounds
ProUS$39/monthUnlimited images, Up to 2048×2048, Custom backgrounds, Edit images, Multi-product images, Reuse backgrounds, Priority support

Pebbley Free version



  • Free plan is limited to 40 AI product photography images per month and 1024×1024 resolution.
  • Advanced features like custom sizes, editing, and multi-product images are reserved for paid plans.


  • Data Privacy: Users should consider how their uploaded images are stored and used.
  • Usability: There might be a learning curve for fully utilizing all features.
  • Compatibility: Ensuring the generated images meet specific platform requirements.
  • Cost: For businesses requiring high volumes of images, the cost of paid plans may be a factor.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion of background themes and customization options.
  • Integration with more platforms and e-commerce tools.
  • Enhanced AI editing capabilities for more complex adjustments.
  • Features for video product showcases.

Explore Pebbley today and transform your product images into captivating marketing assets effortlessly.

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