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Pebbley Fashion: Generate AI Fashion Models


Pebbley Fashion transforms basic apparel images into attractive on-model lifestyle photos using AI models. It allows users to upload images of clothing and receive photos of these items modeled in various poses and settings. This tool is designed to enhance the visual appeal of online fashion retail by providing a more engaging presentation of products.

Features & Benefits

  • AI 3D Warping: Converts flat apparel images into lifelike model photos.
  • Unlimited Models and Backgrounds: Customize models and backgrounds with simple descriptions.
  • Bulk Photo Generation: Process up to 10 apparel images simultaneously.
  • Versatile Image Outputs: Supports multiple aspect ratios and high-resolution images.
  • Unlimited Uploads: No limit on the number of clothing uploads.

Pebbley Fashion Platforms

  • Web app

Pebbley Fashion Tasks

  • Use AI models to generate on-model lifestyle photos from apparel images.
  • Create custom fashion models and backgrounds from descriptions.
  • Bulk generate model photos for various tops.
  • Produce images in different poses from a single apparel image.

Pebbley Fashion Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Pebbley Fashion is a valuable tool for various sectors within the fashion industry. It can significantly benefit online retailers by enhancing product listings with realistic AI model photos. Fashion designers can use it to visualize their creations in a more dynamic context. Marketing professionals can leverage it to create compelling ad campaigns and social media content. E-commerce platforms can improve their user experience by offering visually appealing product presentations. Content creators can generate diverse and engaging imagery for blogs, portfolios, and online galleries. Small business owners in fashion can compete more effectively by presenting their products more attractively. Fashion photographers can explore creative concepts without the need for physical photoshoots. Fashion educators and students can use it as a tool for study and presentation. Sustainability advocates can showcase upcycled and recycled fashion in appealing settings. Lastly, fashion tech startups can integrate it into their services to enhance their offerings.

Who is Pebbley Fashion for

  • Online retailers
  • Fashion designers
  • Marketing professionals
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Content creators
  • Small business owners
  • Fashion photographers
  • Fashion educators and students
  • Sustainability advocates
  • Fashion tech startups

Pricing & Discount

PlanPricePhotos Per MonthImage SizeExtras
Pro$59Up to 500Up to 1024×1024Unlimited uploads, models, backgrounds
Premium$99Up to 2,000Up to 2048×2048Priority support
Business$299Up to 10,000

Pebbley Fashion Free version

Not available


  • Supports only tops like t-shirts, sweaters, and blouses.
  • Does not support dresses, long coats, bottoms, and accessories yet.


  • Limited clothing type support.
  • Dependence on high-quality source images for best results.
  • Potential learning curve for optimal description use.
  • Cost may be a factor for small businesses or individuals.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion to include dresses, coats, bottoms, and accessories.
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms for direct photo updates.
  • Enhanced AI for better handling of complex patterns and textures.
  • Community-driven style and pose suggestions.

Explore Pebbley Fashion today and transform your apparel images into engaging model photos effortlessly.

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