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PayMeForMyAI: Zero-Commission AI Monetization

paymeformyai gpt bot creation and monetization


PayMeForMyAI is a platform that enables creators to build and monetize custom AI bots, without the need for coding. This tool facilitates the creation of GPT-based AI bots and empowers creators to retain full revenue with a zero-commission model. Integrated with Stripe for payment processing, PayMeForMyAI is accessible as a web-based platform and supports bot embedding on various digital spaces.

Features & Benefits

  • No-Code Bot Creation: Simplifies the process of building custom GPT AI bots.
  • Full Revenue Control: Creators keep 100% of the income from their bots.
  • Payment Dashboard: Seamlessly manage finances through Stripe integration.
  • Bot Embedding: Enhances reach by embedding bots on different websites.
  • Support for Advanced AI Models: Compatibility with GPT-4 Turbo and Dall.E 3 models.
  • Bot Analytics: Track bot performance and user interactions (planned feature).

PayMeForMyAI Tasks

  • Building custom GPT AI bots.
  • Monetization of custom GPT AI Bots.
  • Website AI chatb integration.
  • Offering diverse AI services, such as career guidance, personal advice, or startup support.

PayMeForMyAI Integrations

  • Stripe for handling payments.

Real-world applications

PayMeForMyAI’s versatility makes it an asset in various sectors. It’s beneficial for startup founders, educators, digital marketers, and creative professionals. The platform can also serve healthcare, non-profits, entertainment, and personal use, providing a range of AI-powered interaction possibilities. All in all

Who is PayMeForMyAI for

  • Startup Founders
  • Educators
  • Digital Marketers
  • Creative Professionals
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Personal Users

Pricing & Discount

StandardFreeNo subscription fee, zero commission
Pro$5/moFull access to customer and conversation data

PayMeForMyAI Free version



The platform might not fully satisfy those requiring advanced coding features or comprehensive analytics and data reporting capabilities.


Data privacy, security of Stripe transactions, and compatibility issues for bot embedding might be areas of concern for some users.

Potential Future Developments

Anticipated enhancements could include more robust analytics, additional AI model support, user interface improvements, expanded payment options, and greater bot customization.

How to Use PayMeForMyAI

  1. Creating a Bot: Log in, click “Create bot,” and fill in your bot details. Connect your Stripe account for monetization.
  2. Bot Customization: Add a unique prompt and set a minimum price for bot usage. Decide on the number of chats provided per purchase.
  3. Launch Your Bot: Once your bot is ready, click ‘launch’ to make it public.
  4. Embed Your Bot: Use the provided option to embed your bot on your website.
  5. Track Earnings: Monitor your earnings through the Stripe dashboard.

GPT Bot Store

PayMeForMyAI features a GPT Bot Store, showcasing a directory of custom GPT bots. This includes bots for various purposes like career counseling, AI companionship, startup advice, and more. Users can explore and use these bots, often with initial free chats. In a sense, this is an analog to the OpenAI GPT store but here, you can start monetizing immediately. Furthermore, there are no mandatory initial costs involved like the ChatGPT plus Subscription. You cn build the bot and require the usere to use their own API. That’s rather unconventional but it could work.


The platform includes a Top 200 Public Leaderboard, highlighting the most popular GPT bots. This leaderboard is updated live and offers insights into trending bots, encouraging competition and innovation among creators.

Begin your journey in AI bot creation and monetization with PayMeForMyAI.

Start crafting your unique AI bot now!

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