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Parsio: AI-Powered Document and Email Parser

AI document parsing with Parsio


Parsio is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract structured data from documents such as PDFs, emails, and their attachments automatically, reducing manual data entry and promoting business efficiency.

Key Features

PDF Parser & OCR

Parsio uses AI-powered technology to automate the process of data extraction from PDF files. It supports various document types such as invoices, business cards, and ID documents, and extracts data from tables, even those with variable row numbers. The platform is also capable of recognizing both handwritten and printed text in Latin and European languages.

Email Parser

Parsio’s email parser enables the extraction of valuable data from emails and various document types, including PDF, HTML, XLSX (Excel), CSV, DOCX, XML, and TXT files. The data can be customized with formatting and business logic before export. The platform also comes with built-in templates for parsing emails from platforms like HARO, Airbnb, and LinkedIn.

Seamless Integration

Parsio is designed to work smoothly with other tools, enabling users to export data from emails to Google Sheets, import parsed PDF invoices into accounting software, or upload attachments to Cloud Storage. It supports integrations with Google Sheets, Slack, QuickBooks, and Google Drive, among others.

Automation and Productivity Benefits

Parsio aids businesses in reducing employee costs, increasing productivity, ensuring data accuracy, and saving time. By automating the data extraction process, it allows businesses to operate more efficiently, even during peak periods.

Real-world Applications

Parsio’s real-world applications include:

  • Exporting emails to Google Sheets.
  • Parsing Airbnb emails to extract useful data.
  • Exporting leads from incoming emails.
  • Uploading email attachments to Cloud Storage.
  • Extracting data from HARO emails.


Parsio offers four pricing tiers:

  1. Sandbox: Free plan with limited features for testing.
  2. Starter: $49/month for individuals & small businesses.
  3. Growth: $149/month for growing companies needing more credits.
  4. Business: $299/month offering a white-glove experience with dedicated support.

Limitations and Concerns

While Parsio offers a robust set of features, potential users should be aware that the tool might not perfectly handle highly complex or irregular data structures. Additionally, as with all AI tools, accuracy is not 100% guaranteed, especially with OCR on poorly scanned documents or handwriting.

Potential Future Developments

Improvements in Parsio could include expanding language support beyond Latin and European languages, adding more pre-built templates for popular platforms, and refining the AI’s accuracy in data extraction. Furthermore, enhancing its integration capabilities with more tools and platforms could increase its utility for businesses.


Parsio’s AI-powered document and email parser offer a practical solution for businesses looking to automate their data extraction processes. It can be a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes, enhancing productivity and data accuracy.

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